Secrets Book Cover Secrets
Fierce Hearts Book One
Lynn Crandall
Paranormal Romance
Independently Published
August 9, 2020

With her penchant for premonitions, Michelle Slade has always had trouble connecting with other people, and a horrific attack five years ago only made her isolation worse. But working to help defenseless animals with her rescue organization, Cats Alive, has given her new purpose and joy in life. When several homeless cats start vanishing into thin air, she’s determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Casey Mitchell has always kept his private identity as a were-lynx secret. But he’s drawn to Michelle, and when he begins to help investigate the odd circumstances surrounding the cats’ disappearance, he uncovers a powerful businessman’s diabolic designs on the unassuming woman.

Now both he and Michelle are in grave danger, and their survival depends on trusting each other with secrets better left unspoken. Will these two lonely souls triumph and find true love . . . or lose everything?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Michelle Slade has been trying to overcome an attack her freshman year in college and has devoted her time to her cat rescue Cats Alive. She works for Aegar Investigations and has kept her secret of the attack. She has premonitions and is hypersensitive enabling her to read others’ feelings. 


Casey Mitchell has lived his life as a were-lynx always keeping his secret and has wanted a relationship with Michelle for a long time knowing that she is keeping a secret, a secret that has made her back away from any kind of relationship. It would seem that a relationship between these two would be impossible but is there hope that they can both overcome their secrets and open up to each other?


Cats are disappearing and there is no doubt that William Carter is responsible. For years he has been on the sidelines blaming Michelle for her attack and wanting revenge against her for hurting a close friend’s son. Now he is in the process of taking away her new home, her childhood home where she can have the peace and quiet she desires and a place she can bring her rescue cats for help until they are adopted.


Casey helped secure a patent for a state-of-the-art device and trials are having problems, problems he has no doubt are thanks to William Carter. With missing cats and no doubt trouble heading his way Casey has no choice but to confess his secret to Michelle hoping that it won’t send her running. He should have known that her love of cats would extend to a were-lynx as well. 


With help from his boss Jackson, William Carter’s son, a son who has done everything he can to make up for his father’s cruelty and his colony Casey is determined to free the captured cats and discover and put an end to the evil plans that Carter has in mind. 


Secrets, betrayals, good vs. evil and amazing characters made this book exciting from beginning to end and I can’t wait for more because although this book is not a cliffhanger there is no doubt that people like William Carter are not going to go away and they will no doubt be a large part of the upcoming books.