Sedona Scandal Book Cover Sedona Scandal
Sedona Pack Book 3
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance - Shifters
Lisa's Lair
July 27, 2020

Chandler Williams keeps his personal life very separated from his public life as a news anchor, but the new story he's chasing seems to lead him on a collision course with not only exposing himself as a jaguar shifter, but potentially his entire Pack. He should drop it, but after meeting with the woman with haunting gray eyes he can't turn back.

Wendy Cain still has nightmares of the night she was bitten by a werewolf and changed forever, and she's determined to find a cure even if it means becoming a lab rat for the government. When she brings her story to her favorite investigative news anchor, one touch turns her world upside down. Her wolf recognizes her mate. But loving him could be the end for both of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Sedona Pack Each novel can be read as a stand alone, but you may enjoy reading the series in order as well.

At the end of the Moon Series, the Sedona Pack is freed from their tyrannical Alpha, but they're left without a leader. With bitten wolves, skin walkers, and former Nero operatives, this Pack will navigate uncharted waters against a government that may no longer hide their secret.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

It has been three years since Wendy Cain and her brother Brock were bitten by a werewolf, three years since they took Brock and three years since she has been living alone on a mountain desperately hoping for a cure.


Wendy is an heiress and is running the Cain Foundation, a charity she and Brock began together but nothing matters to her except where her brother is and if the Evolution Defense and Deidra Harlow can find a cure. Time and time again Deidra has promised they were close but Wendy is losing her patience and has decided the best thing for her to do is confess what she is to Chandler Williams a co-anchor on the evening news.


If the existence of werewolves is revealed and the government becomes involved she has no doubt that a cure will happen in the near future but her plan to expose an entire species that has been able to keep themselves a secret proves to be a learning experience. Chandler knows the minute he meets Wendy that she is a wolf since he, like her, was bitten by a jaguar against his will. Chandler is part of the Sedona Pack being accepted by Asher the Alpha in spite of him not being a wolf.


Chandler reveals that Wendy is not alone and that there are other shifters out there, not just wolves. Wendy knows very little about what it means to be a shifter and what her visits to the Evolution Defense were really about. She inadvertently put everyone in danger simply by giving her blood. She finds out what happened to her brother but that sad news is followed by some very happy news, news I won’t reveal.


Wendy had no idea that the first time she touched Chandler her wolf was telling her he was their mate, she is totally clueless about what being a shifter really is. I for one would happily welcome having an increased sense of smell, taste and especially extra strength but I don’t expect to run into any werewolves, well not during a pandemic lol. Wendy is finding it hard to accept what she has been responsible for and is willing to help undo the damage in any way she can. She realizes the importance of a pack and that she is not a monster.


Chandler has been hurt by his cold unfeeling parents and the woman he thought he would marry but who turned him down. Now although he is very attracted to Wendy he knows that as a wolf she will find her mate and he will once again lose the woman he wants. As a jaguar he does not have a mate, a mate chosen by fate for him alone, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for Wendy and has no idea that she has already found her mate and it is him.


There is danger from the Evolution Defense and from Brad Newport, a candidate for Senator who is part of the Timberwolves, a military unit with heightened senses of a werewolf but unable to shift. If he gets into the Senate it could be disastrous to Wendy and all those she has come to care about.


As with all the other books in the series there is romance, suspense and amazing characters and absolutely everything I could want from a paranormal romance. To date I have not one time found a book by Miss Kessler I didn’t love so I will just have to keep reading them to see if she gets to surprise me with one that doesn’t live up to all the others, very, very doubtful. One of my favorite authors who never disappoints and if you are not familiar with her work and as we are all in quarantine this is the perfect time to discover what you are missing.