Sedona Surrender Book Cover Sedona Surrender
Sedona Pack Book 4
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance-Shifters
Lisa's Lair
November 23, 2020

Cole Vega never expected to find his mate. He didn’t figure he deserved one anyway. But during a ranch call to assist a mare with a difficult delivery, he meets the newest employee at the farm. She also happens to be the sister of one of his packmates, and she’s off-limits.

Madison Williams moved to Sedona to be closer to her brother. Taking a marketing position at a large cattle ranch in Sedona, she expects she’ll have plenty of time to spend with her brother and his fiance, but nothing is as it seems, and everyone in town has secrets including her new employer, Deidra Harlow. When she bumps into the sexy veterinarian, sparks fly, but there’s something he’s not telling her.

One touch makes keeping his distance from her impossible, but one mate for life means putting Madison’s needs above his own. He can’t tell her he’s a werewolf, or that her brother was bitten and now shifts into a jaguar, and if she discovers she’s working at a ranch owned by a top secret defense contractor her life will be in danger. Surrendering to his feelings is not an option...

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

Cole Vega is a veterinarian for large animals, he is alone and convinced that he will never find his mate until a visit to a farm changes everything. He meets Madison Williams the new Marketing Manager and the sister of Chandler the jaguar shifter. If you have been reading this series and hopefully you have then you are very familiar with Chandler and his werewolf wife Wendy now pregnant and ready to give birth.


Madison relocated to be near her brother and her new niece or nephew, what she doesn’t know and believe me there is a lot she doesn’t know is that Wendy as a shifter will carry twins and the gestation period is only four months. Since Chandler insists that Madison be kept in the dark about everything related to shifters in order to protect her, a viable reason for Wendy giving birth after only four months has to be convincing. But at the baby shower there was no stopping the little ones from revealing that they are wolves and only by the grace of a big cake did they stop trying to convince Madison what they really were.


Cole and Madison have an instant connection with each other and when it is time for him to deliver the babies he has no choice but to confess everything to her. He knows that he has found his mate and he knows that she is drawn to him as well but Chandler has put up invisible no trespassing signs all around his human sister trying to keep the inevitable from happening.  Madison is now part of a world she never could have imagined and as shocking as learning about shifters is and that her brother and now her niece and nephew are as well she is about to learn that what she just learned is nothing to what she is about to learn. Madison is more than she knows.


The woman she works for is Deidra Harlow, a biochemist connected to Evolution Defense, an enemy of the shifters and why she has hired Madison, a girl with no knowledge of running a farm, is soon made clear. Madison’s life is turned upside down when her memory clears up to things that happened to her when she was a child and her mother’s involvement with Deidra.


I love this book, I loved all the books in the series, secrets, betrayals, lies, sex, hot shifters beautiful women and danger. What happens between Madison and Cole is not something I will reveal but I will say that there is no cliffhanger and all is answered. Everytime I read one of these books I am amazed when I realize that Ms. Kessler has made the characters so real that it stops being about shifters but about people in danger and in love.