The Seventh Mothman Book Cover The Seventh Mothman
Lovers of Leonesse Book 3
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
October 30, 2013

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Seventeen-year-old Antoinette (Toinette) lives in constant fear of her father’s death.  As a Mothman flying in the cold and thin air, her father knew the dangers. However, his love for flying took precedence over everything else.  Now due to his flying, a simple cold has brought him close to death, and his death would leave Toinette alone.  Seven years ago after a fight with their father her brother, Franci, left and has not been seen since.  In addition, that night her worst fears are realized when her father dies.

With her father’s death, she thought things were as bad as they could get. How wrong she was.  Convinced his son would return, her father never changed his will. He left Franci everything, and Toinette nothing.  Now she has lost her father and the only home she has ever known.  All that she has is the small cottage that was once the gamekeepers and not a penny to her name.  Alone, scared and penniless, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.  She will go out on her own, find her brother, and bring him home. Hopefully, he will allow her to live there, as well.  Dressed in her brother’s clothes so as not to bring attention to herself while travelling alone, she sets off for Leonesse.

Convinced her brother would become a Mothman like their father, that is the first place she goes. Once again she is disappointed.  Franci never signed up to be a Mothman. Now she has no idea where to look.  Before she can leave the Mothman office, however, she finds herself signed up and escorted to the barracks.  How is she ever going to live among the six existing Mothmen?  Well, in spite of how difficult it will be, she is determined to do it and finally gets to realize her dream of flying.  When she is greeted at the door of the barracks, a naked man welcomed her aboard.  His name is Etienne Betancourt, and he does not doubt for a minute that he is speaking to a young man, a young man he immediately calls Mouse.

Toinette is now living as Antoine. When the team finds out what a good cook she is, that is the only thing they are concerned with.  Antoine is now part of the team and accepted by all.  However, before long, she finds herself in love with Etienne, and that is a problem all on its own. What would happen if Toinette confesses that she is a girl?  Would Etienne forgive her for lying? Would she be thrown out the Mothmen’s?

This is the second book in the Lovers of Leonesse series; like the first it is a wonderful story.  We marvel at some of the inventions by Leonardo and the ability for flight.  A girl living as a boy makes for some very interesting moments, especially when all the guys do everything in their power to get her/him laid.  There is humor, suspense, love, romance and a strong array of characters.  Each of the six Mothmen is unique in his own way.