Shift Happens Book Cover Shift Happens
A Carus Novel Book 1
J.C. McKenzie
Paranormal Romance
September 15, 2015

Government assassin Andrea McNeilly's job normally requires keeping her mouth shut and not asking questions. Not anymore. Despite her sass and unique skills as a Shifter, she's out of luck.

After a botched hit on a Vampire's human servant, Andy's on the run. Right in her way is an over-sized Werewolf Alpha with the attitude of a brute and allure of a Norse god. An assassin requires a heart of stone, but the passion provoked by Wick puts a chink in Andy's emotional armor.

Andy's desire to trust Wick is blocked by her painful past and Wick's allegiance to the very Vampire who now owns her future. Can Andy reconcile her yearnings for Wick and discover the truth behind the kill order? Or has destiny already selected her for a horrific fate?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the paranormal Romance Review Team

Andrea McNeilly works as a government assassin for the Supernatural Regulatory Division in Vancouver. Her newest assignment is to kill Clint Behnsen. Although the SRD does not go after normals, she follows orders, and those orders are to kill a norm.

Andy was an orphan and is a shifter. She has a wolf, falcon, and mountain lion living inside her and tries to keep that ability a secret. The Purge was a series of natural disasters and deadly viruses that swept the world leaving the human population diminished and the preternaturals exposed. When her assignment to kill Clint is interrupted by werewolves led by their alpha, Wick, she doesn’t hesitate to complete her mission. Using her ability as a falcon she flies away only to be caught and captured.

The werewolves answer to a Master Vampire, Lucien Delgatto. Once Andy heals, that is where she will be brought. Clint was Lucien’s human servant, and the Master Vampire wants revenge. There is no doubt in Andy’s mind that death or torture is what she will be facing. The biggest problem so far is her jailer, Wick, is hitting all her sexual buttons. Andy has a past that included being part of a pack run by an alpha called Dylan. Dylan forced Andy to be his mate. When she refused, he did unthinkable things to her, physically and mentally. She refuses to belong to another alpha, even if her wolf calls him “mate”.

Wick knows Andy is his true mate, but convincing her will not be easy, especially since he answers to Lucien. Lucien calls Andy to him. When she arrives, she faces the man she thought she killed, Clint. How can he be alive? Lucien wants answers. Why was she sent to kill a norm? Who sent her and why? If he doesn’t get the answers he wants then within seven days, she will become Clint’s possession. He is sure he will win her and calls her pet. He is a very rough man and gentle is not in his vocabulary. Andy has to find out who was behind the assassination order.

Andy has been called a Carus, but it is something she is unfamiliar with. What is a Carus? Why do some people call her that? As an orphan, she has no idea if her parents are alive and they were probably the ones who knew all the answers to what she is. The attraction between Wick and Andy was sexy without there being actual sex. This book has action, betrayals, lies, and some tense moments. Andrea and Wick are wonderful characters. Andy uses humor whenever she feels threatened. It helps her cope and more than once brought a smile to my face. Wick is an alpha who finds out about Andy’s past and is willing to wait until she is ready to accept him.

I recommend this book, it has a hot alpha, a beautiful shifter, some mean vampires, and it gripped me from the very beginning. It is not a cliffhanger, but there is definitely more coming for Wick and Andy and I, for one, can’t wait.

*Winner: 1st Place Best Shifter Paranormal Romance Series – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards