Shifting Chaos Book Cover Shifting Chaos
The Sleepless City, Book 4
Elisabeth Noble
LGBT, Gay Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
October 10, 2020

We aren't a we without all of us.

Chaos reigns in The Sleepless City and it’s really beginning to piss Detective Jonas Forge off.

He’s separated from his soulmate, Blair Turner. A separation he fears might be permanent. Nothing is going right. It’s as if the universe is conspiring against him. A long closed off door buried deep within his psyche cracks open when a turn of events flips his world upside down. There’s a monster behind that door and he’s not sure where the monster leaves off and he begins.

Hallucinations grip the town and demons lurk around every corner, causing havoc and threatening to tear the family in Boggs’s Castle to shreds. The only way forward is to bare all to each other. While Forge and Declan confront horrors from their shared past, they all learn a terrible truth about vampires—one not even imagined in their worst nightmare.

Can they control a monster in order to defeat a demon?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in a series that I loved. I loved the characters, their interaction with one another and the family they made even though they were each so different. Lucas a werewolf, Simon a blood addicted vampire, Ben a human, Blair a newly turned vampire, Jonas Forge a detective with a secret past and Declan a vampire and known thief.

If you have read all the previous books then you know that everyone has found their soulmate only Blaire, Forge’s soulmate has decided he needs time and has returned to his home in New Mexico. Blaire has lived alone and now finds himself living in Bogg’s Castle with a bunch of people he does not know very well. In addition he knows that Declan and Forge were lovers for centuries and still love each other although they are not soulmates. Fortunately it doesn’t take long before Blaire realizes that being away from one’s soulmate is very painful and he returns.

People are hallucinating and acting out on those hallucinations including the vampires and werewolf. A hallucination of a dinosaur running around the living room causes Ben to nearly kill Moose, the dog and injure one of them with a harpoon gun. Of course they realize that it was not real and a hallucination but where did the harpoon come from? Two werewolves in Lucas’ pack have apparently run into the same thing only this time there was little left of the two bodies. A demon is obviously at work, a demon who enjoys causing chaos and our Bogg’s Castle team has to find a way to end it.

The story does shift back and forth from the 1700’s and 1800’s when we find out how and who turned Declan and how he met Jonas Forge. Their paths brought them together and through no fault of their own tore them apart but now the truth has to come out and believe me it was a doozie. I was surprised and never saw it coming.

I was surprised that two different authors wrote these four books because to me they just blended so well together. Every reviewer sees something different in every book, I for one loved this series and all the characters and I highly recommend it.

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