Silver Wolves Book Cover Silver Wolves
Kimberly Forrest & Mary Winter
Paranormal Romance
Shifters United Productions LLC
November 26, 2018

Some things, and some people, only get better with age. A good wine. A well-aged whiskey. And werewolves. This duology features two stories of silver wolves claiming their mates and proving that true love never goes out of style.

Fifty, Furred & Fabulous! by Kimberly Forrest

With her fiftieth birthday looming, widowed wolf shifter, Ginny Weller plans on having the time of her life on this long-awaited vacation. Sun, sand, and surf awaited her, as did her chance to experience all the adventures she had never made time for… and what better adventure than a steamy affair with a handsome stranger?

Always Her Wolf by Mary Winter
Twenty years ago Travis Locke had been a young werewolf who accepted that his alpha had forbidden him to be with his mate, Stacia Summerwood. But the old alpha is dead and when Stacia comes to see if old flames can indeed be rekindled, Travis is eager to rediscover his mate in every way possible. But the time spent apart meant lives created, and when Travis' past collides with their future, will he trust his mate to know that she's always been his?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Fifty Furred, and Fabulous!   Kimberly Forrest: 5*****Stars

This is a standalone novelette about a shifter from Malsum Pass, a series I can’t get enough of.

Ginny Weller is from the Malsum Pass pack and as the only accountant in town the chances of her ever having time off are very slim, that is until the arrival of Rin Hayashi, a Kitsune and CPA looking for work. Finally a weeks vacation in the sun with nothing to do but enjoy herself and her enjoyment is enhanced when she meets another wolf shifter, Scott Sloane. Ginny will be celebrating fifty shortly but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying everything Scott has to offer. One adventure after another until Ginny has to return home leaving behind a man she has grown to love. This story proves you are never to old to grab hold of life with both hands and find happiness.

Always her Wolf: Mary Winter: 5*****Stars

Travis Locke lost his wife Lydia years ago but never forgot the one he truly should have been with, his mate, Stacia. It has been over twenty-five years since Travis and Stacia saw each other, ever since the Alpha forced her to leave. Now suddenly Stacia is back in town and his life but so many years have past can they recapture what they once had. When the Alpha died Travis did nothing to find Stacia even though the new Alpha would have given her blessings. Can Travis get over his guilt for marrying Lydia even though he never loved her? Can Stacia and Travis rekindle their love after so many years apart? A beautiful story that proves true love can survive anything.

A wonderful duology about one of my favorite genres, shifters.