Simon Book Cover Simon
A Transitivity Novella
G.R. Lyons
NA LGBT Romance
May 24, 2019

All Simon Davies wants is to put the events of last spring behind him. Not an easy thing when he's living with the triad, and there's even talk of Noah moving in.

Then he meets Brody Ashman, and finds himself obeying the man without question. But after what happened with Professor Fitz, Simon is done being told what to do. Yet he can't seem to resist Brody's voice.

Brody is taking control of his life, having left his deviant ex and started his gender transition. Ordering Simon is a heady experience, and makes him wonder if he's finally found the perfect, innocent, vanilla partner.

Until he finds out about what happened between Simon and Noah, right when Simon is finally ready to give in.

**This book references past events of a taboo nature.**

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Finally Simon Davies gets his story!  This quick read is a great continuation of the first three books of the series.  Not only do we get to catch up on the life of our intrepid trio, but we get to see Simon figure out his feelings about all that has transpired.  And wow a lot has gone on in this sweet guy’s life.  GR Lyons makes his journey fit his personality so well.  He approaches it in an almost scientific manner, especially as we watch him figure out that giving control is so much different than having it taken away.  He definitely meets his match in his new professor, Brody Ashman.  Brody has his own control issues.  He desperately needs to control his sexuality and how he expresses it.  And when he sees how viscerally Simon reacts to him, he can only hope that this will be the answer he needs.   Their pasts have some disturbing overlaps that may end things before they can truly begin.

It was amazing to me how much Lyons managed to squeeze into this novella length story.  It definitely needs to be read after the previous three books, as much of the backstory is referenced in this one.  I loved that Simon fell for a transgender man.  His history with Kacey made that make so much sense to me.  Simon’s acceptance of that part of Brody was the most effortless part of their romance.  This is a great addition to this series.  There was even a great foreshadowing moment where we met some of the owners of the bookstore.   GR Lyons has mentioned a seven character series coming and there are seven owners so….. yay!  More of this interesting world that he has created to come!