Sinbad Sails Again Book Cover Sinbad Sails Again
The Adventures Of Sinbad Book 8
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
June 14, 2017

It was supposed to be a sentimental journey...

Sinbad sh'en Singh takes his youngest son and his newly-acquired grandson on a trip to the places he and Andi visited in that fateful encounter forever changing their lives.

At first, all the ex-smuggler has to worry about is meeting old girlfriends, renewing the acquaintance of former comrades-in-crime, and keeping his offspring sober.

Then the unbelievable happens.

Son Mal disappears and the light-hearted cruise turns into something deadly.

Sin’s now on his last adventure, a frantic father searching the slave pits in the Fringes for his son. There is only one goal on his mind: Find Mal, and punish the ones who took him.

Those daring to touch one of Sinbad sh’en Singhs’ cubs are definitely going to regret it!

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin by saying that this series should definitely be read from the beginning because it is a family saga that covers the life of Sinbad Sh’en Singh and his wife Andrea Talltrees. It is a family drama in which we follow them through their struggles, slavery, rape, kidnapping, war, children, step-children, foster children and if you haven’t begun with the first book when Andi and Sinbad first meet then you will be missing out on an amazing series with amazing characters.

Sinbad is now the eighth richest man in the galaxy and the owner of a shipping company. One night he asks his youngest son, Malcolm and his newly arrived grandson Lynx, if they are happy with their positions at the company. It doesn’t surprise Sinbad when they both reveal their dissatisfaction with their current lives. Sinbad surprises both men when he suggests they go out on an adventure and leave their present jobs behind for a while. They were both happy to take Sinbad’s advice but shocked him when they requested he join them. So, father, son and grandson are ready to go out and visit the places that Andi and Sinbad had visited when they first met and although they are not ready to do anything illegal they have no problem bending some rules.

Lynx had a very troubled life, he was born in a prison cell where he lived with his mother till her death when he was sent to an orphanage. Lynx ran away as soon as he could and when he was found by Shark the owner and captain of a pirate ship the Celestial Ray his life finally took a turn for the better. Shark taught him how to pirate and educated him and when he retired he left everything to Lynx. I don’t want to go into all of Lynx’s story but needless to say he discovered who his real father was and when he came to introduce himself he was greeted with open arms and love.

Mal grew up looking exactly like his mother which meant he looked different from all his other siblings. He always felt he didn’t belong and although Sinbad loved him he did not show him the same attention and affection he did his other children.

Now going on an adventure together these three will finally get to know one another but unfortunately they get more than they bargained for . Now it will take everything Sinbad has to save his youngest son and find the ones who took him. On his journey many secrets are revealed and Sinbad learns that the galaxy is smaller than he thought when he finds people from his past, people who have a relationship to some of his family.

Ms. Sweeney does revisit some of the past books but there are so many characters, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, foster children, adopted children, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers and the list goes on that to truly know what happened in this family’s life through the generations you have to start at the beginning.

Very rarely will a re-read a book especially not an entire series but in this case I will begin this series again that is how much I loved it.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**