Sinbad's Homecoming Book Cover Sinbad's Homecoming
The Adventures Of Sinbad Book 7
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
May 14, 2017

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Terro-Servani war has finally ended and the Sh’en Singh’s are finally coming home to Felida.  At long last Sin and his wife Andi are going home to be with their children and grandchildren and hopefully find long awaited normalcy.  Unfortunately, as in the past the Sh’en Singh Clan once again finds themself facing anything but a normal, peaceful life.

Adam, Sin’s heir and the one who always is peaceful and gentle has come home angry and bitter.  His wife Shali who was kidnapped by the enemy is now dead and Adam has taken a Servani slave, Sherayna as his babies nanny and his slave.  Slaves are forbidden on Felida but Adam has refused to allow her to speak to anyone and keeps her by herself.  She sleeps in the nursery with the children, one his natural born son and one that his wife gave birth to that belongs to her kidnapper.  Inspite of the boy not being his Adam has taken him to raise and uses him as a way to control Sherayna.

Things go very badly when Adam decides he wants Sherayna for more than just a nanny and after drinking until he can’t see straight he rapes her and takes her innocence.  The worst part of what Adam does is his total lack of concern or guilt.  Sherayna is alive and his wife is dead and he hates her for that.  When Sin and Andi finally arrive it is to find themselves with a few surprises.  First a Servani girl who is now pregnant and the return of Senset, Sin’s concubine who ran away with his son Cash and abandoned her children.  There is also a new girl named Estrella a Spanish girl from Terra.

Sin has to decide whether to allow Senset to remain and has to come to terms with the fact that his son and heir lied to the Federation about who Sherayna really is and the fact that his son is guilty of raping a sixteen year old girl who is now carrying his cub.  Adam could spend the rest of his life in prison or face death if Sin doesn’t come up with a way to make things right.

I have to emphasize that this series must be read in order since the books cover a long span in the lives of the Sh’en Singh Clan from when Sin and Andi first meet to the births of their children and grandchildren. The Sh’en Singh family has had more than their share of heartaches, kidnappings, rapes, lies, betrayals, death, illegitimate children and grandchildren all manner of injuries and yet they go on.  Now they face a whole new problem with Adam who has suffered not just from the war but from the loss of his wife.  He is a perfect example of war changing a person.

I have read each book in the series and loved every one of them.  I love Sinbad and his wife Andi, in addition to all their children and grandchildren.  Of course not everything that happens is sad, there are some happy events happening to some of the children and hopefull when all is said and done the family will finally find peace even if it is just for a short time.