Sinbad's Wife Book Cover Sinbad's Wife
The Adventures of Sinbad Book 3
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
January 14, 2017

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the Sinbad series and it is every bit as wonderful as the first. Although the author does a great job of bring the reader up to date on what has happened before, I still think it is a good idea to read them in order.  It is now five months after Allan, Sin and Andi’s son, was born and things appear to be going well.  Sin is working the farm and has given up smuggling to spend time with his family.  The only thing keeping their lives from being perfect is Sin’s deteriorating health.

Up until now Andi has refused to marry Sin, and he is determined for that to happen before he dies.  He wants his son to be legitimized and is not above using deceit to get what he wants.  When she finally agrees, Sin knows he now has everything he ever hoped for.

It seems that happily ever after are not in the cards yet for Sin and Andy.  A stranger comes to their home and announces he is Sin’s son.  The boy is fifteen so that would mean Sin was around that age when he made Adam’s mom pregnant.  Sin was in prison at that age, is it possible?  Who is the boy’s mom?  Sin has accepted Adam as his own and Andy has accepted him as her stepson.  Apparently, Sin’s memory has come back, and he remembers it all.  I won’t give away what happened you would have to read it to find out.  Not only have Andi and Sin accepted him. but so has Andi’s son Cash.

Happiness is not long lasting though when Sin finally seems to have succumbed to his illness.  Against his wishes, Andi is allowing him to be kept alive with the hopes that someone can save him.  Fortunately, there is a doctor with an experimental treatment and all Andi has to do is be his mistress until Sin is cured.  It is not an easy decision but with the possibility that Sin can live she makes her decision.

As if being a mistress to her husband’s doctor is not bad enough, during a trip together she is kidnapped by a group of slavers.  When Andi finds out who the leader of the slavers is her life is turned inside out.  She now realizes that she will probably never see her children again and has no way of knowing if Sin has survived.  Could life get any worse?  Of course it can and it does.

The book centers around Andi and her captivity.  She faces her predicament with courage and refuses to allow herself to be beaten down.  While she is going through this her son and stepson are determined to find her and bring her home.  Can they do it alone?  Is Sin well enough to help them?  After all Andi has been through can she just go home and begin over?

I love this series, it is full of twists and turns and a great deal of surprises.  Sin and Andi are a loving couple and their kids love them both.  As far as Sin and Andi are concerned their stepsons are like their own.  It is because of them that I love this series and I can’t wait for the next one.