Skim Blood and Savage Verse Book Cover Skim Blood and Savage Verse
Offbeat Crimes Book 3
Angel Martinez
Paranormal Gay Romance
Pride Publishing
April 4, 2017

Words damage more than just feelings as Carrington hunts feral books menacing the city.

When a ferocious book attacks Carrington at his own birthday party, he believes it’s an isolated incident. But similar books soon pop up all over town, menacing innocent people with harsh bits of poetry and blank verse that deliver damaging physical blows. It’s a frustrating case with too many variables and not enough answers, and the stakes go up with each attack.

With the help of his misfit squad mates at the 77th and the public library’s Rare Books Department, the missing pieces decrease but not Carrington’s vexations. His commanding officer rakes him over the coals at the beginning of every shift. His police partner has lost patience with what she sees as his delusional relationship choices and his inability to pick the right man in a vast field of two. City Hall demands that the books be stopped immediately. It’s enough to put a nutritionally challenged vampire off his skim blood.

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

A fan of Angel Martinez, yes, I have been for a while. When I started this series,  the first two which are some serious Novellas. They are the introduction for the reader to where the content lie and the beginning set up for the series; I was all in.

We are working at the 77th Precinct in the Paranormal Division. We are slowly learning about the team of paranormal misfits who have been granted ‘paranormal detective status’ working at paranormal reports.

We have started to learn the members of this occult group, and have for the first two Novellas have the main characters Detective Partners learn they are a couple both at work and at home. We have learned how Kyle had become a member of this squad and how his partner Det. Soren overcame his fears to admit the relationship was truly at home as well.

Our vampire has been raised with a mortal family, who after another bad choice in lovers was drained dry and left for dead. Hence the blood given him to revive him has made him a vampire who cannot drink whole from humans as he needs skim blood. His wealthy parents are ashamed of him.

In this longer book, we center on our resident vampire Carrington and his partner Amanda. This book gets a 5 Star from me for its length able to dig deeper into flushing out the characters and storyline. Carr is not known for his great choices in lovers (As Amanda keeps relaying) don’t forget how he becomes a vampire! He now is attacked at his mother’s home at his birthday party. Mom has it his honor hosting for him for all the high rollers and politicians in town.

Carr is attacked by a book spewing harsh words then disappearing into thin air. Carrington’s first thought for help is the library and meets the Head Librarian of Rare Books; Erasmus. He, Carrington and the misfits of the 77th join to solve the book mystery along with the slow path to Carrington’s heart.

This story is a bit longer, with the author able to flesh out more in the story line….not rushed…..the lover angle of two choices… rushing the growth of the relationship, and the pic this time of the RIGHT ONE and more of the misfits……the LJ angle and Hunter just the best.

This one 5 Stars….On to number 4… excited to read this as well…check out a paranormal mystery with humor….good for your heart.