Slow Dreaming: A Tempus Institute Story Book Cover Slow Dreaming: A Tempus Institute Story
Anne Barwell
MM Romance - Time Travel Short Read
LaceDragon Publishing
December 1, 2019

Should he change the past for love?

As an agent for the Tempus Institute, Jason Adams’ task is to observe the past, not change it. But when he’s sent to 21st-century Wellington, New Zealand, during the last week of aspiring songwriter Sean Henderson’s life, Jason finds he can’t just watch from a distance. He and Sean quickly become friends and then lovers, and when the song that's haunted Jason for years connects them in a way he never anticipated, he'll risk changing history for the chance of sharing a future with Sean.

Author’s note: This story was originally published in 2012 by another publisher. This edition has some added content, and uses UK/NZ spelling to reflect its setting.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a short story about a man, Jason Adams sent from the Tempus Institute back to the year 2011 to observe Sean Henderson, an aspiring songwriter. Jason is forbidden to change the future and is definitely not supposed to have any physical contact or interaction with Sean but Jason always manages to mess things up.


Watching Sean, Jason manages to knock over his papers causing them to physically touch and it was a touch that Jason couldn’t ignore and a touch that prompted him to want more. Jason knows that his time with Sean is very short but he still wants to enjoy whatever time they have together.


I won’t describe anything about the reason Jason was sent, what his mission was and what happens between these two men two different worlds but  I will say that it is well worth the read.