Snow White and the Seven Cannibals Book Cover Snow White and the Seven Cannibals
Shattered Fairytales Book 1
Laura Hawks
February 14, 2018

Snow White dreamed of venturing into the land beyond her walled kingdom and time is running short. Knowing her father is seeking a suitor for her marry, she sneaks into the Dark Forest, unaware of the dangers it conceals. Accompanied by her trusty guard, she soon becomes entangled in a savage game of cat and mouse.

Prince Donnigan is looking for his perfect mate in life. One who can truly appreciate his special gifts and not run in terror of them. Rumors have reached his land about Snow White and he hopes she will be the woman he has dreamed of. But, when he arrives to meet her, he discovers she has embarked on a treacherous journey into the woods and probably into the arms of the horrific dangers that call the forest home. Donnigan will attempt to rescue her, but by doing so he will expose himself in a way that could end his very existence.

Can he save the damsel in distress or will she be eaten alive? Will he be condemned if he tries?

Authors Note: "A darker version of Snow White where the Dwarfs are not sweet and enduring but instead are sadistic and cruel."

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

At the age of ten Snow White ventured past the gates of the castle where she encountered seven little men torturing a lion. As soon as she was able she released the animal but that was an occurrence that led to nightmares. She never knew if what she had witnessed was real or imaginary but she would come to find out when she was older.

Since then ten years have passed and she has longed to leave the castle grounds and explore the woods having no knowledge of what lays beyond. She has been meeting suitors and she knows that her time is running out before she marries and leaves for her husband’s home land. Finally able to convince Reed her personal bodyguard to accompany her she sets off for the woods beyond, something that she has wanted so badly to see. She has no idea what awaits her and her curiosity leads her and Reed into danger.

Prince Donnigan is the next suitor to meet Snow but when he arrives it is to learn that Snow White has gone into the woods and he is very aware of what lies ahead. He is determined to bring her back to the castle safely and hopefully finally find the one who will be his mate and will be willing to accept the secret he lives with. First he must find and save Snow but can he save her and Reed.

This is a short story and I don’t want to give anything away but it is not the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs we grew up with in fact it is at times gruesome. Can Snow and Reed survive her visit to the woods? Can Donnigan find them and return them to the castle? Is Snow the woman he has always dreamed of and will she accept his secret?

If you love fairytales then you will love this book even though it is quite different from the fairytale we know and love.