Solace Book Cover Solace
Fae Warriors Book 1
Gini Rifkin
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
August 5, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Solace Goodeve is one of Mother Nature’s best warriors and she has been given the assignment of saving earth from the Tuatara Reptiles, aka fae eaters. She will be working alongside her sisters, Portence and Bliss, who have been separated from her for a long time due to a little prank they pulled involving a Wiccan gathering and a unicorn. Solace, Portence and Bliss are triplets.

The Reps are vicious lizard like creatures who want to take over earth and destroy anything and anyone who stands in their way. One way fae warriors could immediately tell a Rep was around in spite of their being able to make themselves look human was their smell. However, due to a new medication that odor has been altered and they are now difficult to detect.

Solace and her sisters run an environmental research agency called Green Goddess. Because of her agency, she was able to get an interview with NOAA, one of the Rep’s targets. When she meets the man she is to interview, Tanner Jackson, she feels an immediate attraction to him. This is something she hasn’t felt since the death of her fae lover, Duncan.

Tanner is an army ranger and the last black-op mission left him badly hurt and five of his men dead. His new assignment is working at NOAA, something he hopes is not going to be permanent. One of the men from NOAA was recently killed in a sky diving accident. The Reps caused this “accident” and now have the opportunity of getting one of their own inside NOAA.

Solace is suspicious of the new man when she meets him, but according to Mother he is working as a double agent and has to be left alone. Solace and Tanner become close, and she wants to reveal to him who and what she is. She is given permission to tell him, and needless to say he needs more than words. Solace gives him a demonstration of her wings and flying.

In addition to working together to fight the Reps, Tanner and Solace begin to have a relationship outside of work. As much as Solace wants him, she knows it will not happen. She lives a very, very long life and Tanner doesn’t. She can’t face losing another man she loves—but giving him up would be just as painful.

This book had a lot of suspense, violence, and surprises. This is a war between good and evil and there are two more books to come. I can’t wait for Portence and Bliss’ stories.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**