The Soldati Prince Book Cover The Soldati Prince
Soldati Hearts Book 1
Charlie Cochet
M/M Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
November 23, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This stories first edition was in a Charmed and Dangerous Bundle in 2015. I am hoping Ms. Cochet is re using this novella as a spring board to cast her followers with another series, because it would be able to keep my interest.

Khalon, is a tiger shifter king, living in a magical realm. He leads his warriors fiercely protecting humans from all who would harm their world.

Riley Murrough is a barista in a coffee shoppe.  It is late night, the door opens after closing time and three men walk in, turning into three frightful images that begin chasing Riley.

Riley is saved by the Soldati.  Khalon realizes ‘the human’ is his mate. The King is horrified that the priestess would have mated him to a human. He brings Riley to journey in his realm to seek the priestess to have his mated mark taken off Riley. Riley initially is hurt for being considered less, he is awed by the palace, the finery, and the King. The journey is what these two need to learn about each other. Riley has strengths he doesn’t even know and the great humanness that he has, might not be all bad.

This story becomes a love story with a hint of swashbuckling. Hope they can have other encounters   with their enemies as a couple. Sounds like fun!