Solid Ground Book Cover Solid Ground
Jeff McKown
M/M Romance
NineStar Press
April 24, 2017

Review by Fredrick Feeley Jr

Member of the PRG Review Team

A Modern Day Tour de Force

An old Muslim poet said once, “Do not seek after love. Remove the things in your life that keep love from you.”

I read this entire book, save the very beginning the other day, in one fell swoop. I sat down, listened to Billy Joel singing in my headphones and read.

At moments I laughed.
In various places I had my hand over my mouth as I narrowed my eyes.
I grit my teeth.
I shook my head.
I lowered my head and sobbed angrily.

Jeff McKown’s book is a visceral, heart rendering, and honest look into the life of just an average guy doing the best he can. A guy who is weighed down maybe from some not so great choices of his own, and some remarkably bad choices of others in his life, good intentions of loved ones, all of which conspire to take him under.
And yet…

The genius of this novel is the thin sliver of hope, faith, kindness, forgiveness, and mercy woven intricately throughout.
I don’t care who you are, where you been, what walk of life you got goin’ on, whatever – if you’ve lived any measurable amount of life on this earth – you’ll related to this book.