Something Wild Book Cover Something Wild
Anna Martin
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
October 22, 2019

The South Pacific Archipelago is home to a tiny island community of around three hundred scientists… and twenty thousand dinosaurs. As a paleogeneticist, Kit Sterling leads a team studying the dinosaurs to unlock the unanswered questions of evolution.

But there is something more dangerous than dinosaurs on the islands.

Head ranger Logan Beck discovers evidence of poachers, while rumors of a black market for dinosaur leather swirl around the community. Kit and Logan haven’t always gotten along professionally, though that has nothing to do with their attraction to each other. So when they’re thrown together to save an injured infant dinosaur, their professional disdain turns into a clandestine romance.

With not just the injured dinosaur at risk, but all of the precious dinosaurs on the islands too, Kit and Logan have to figure out how to balance their budding romance without letting their careers go extinct.

Review by Marie Loring

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Something Wild was highly enjoyable, drawing me in and keeping me delightfully entertained! The descriptions of the islands, laboratories, and dinosaurs were presented in just enough detail to be interesting, without overwhelming the budding relationship between Kit and Logan.

The love story between the two is handled tastefully, in that the protagonists didn’t jump right into bed, but had some sweet, light make-out sessions with lots of kissing to build on their romance. Logan, slightly awkward in relationships but confident in his job, is the hunky he-man we all love to imagine as our new, fictional boyfriend, and Kit? What can I say about Kit? Brilliant, sassy, and physically a perfect foil for Logan with his delicate looks and sexy-scientist glasses.

There’s nothing contrived in their love story. The pair goes from slightly bickering colleagues to much, much more, seamlessly. If I had to voice one minor grumble, I’d say the kissing scenes could have done with a little more steam, and not so much verbal, interjected humor from Logan, but I could easily explain it away, reminding myself he feels out of his depth with the charismatic and highly put-together Kit.

Now, throw in the cutest baby dinosaur and some sparkling cameos by Kit’s two moms, add a nasty bureaucrat with power issues, and you have the perfect mix for intrigue, suspense, and love. This is an easy read, so find a comfortable chair and settle in with Something Wild. I’m glad I did!