Song of the Soul Book Cover Song of the Soul
The Muse Chronicles Book 7
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Lisa's Lair
November 26, 2018

The Epic conclusion to The Muse Chronicles is here...

His destiny is tied to hers...

Mikolas Leandros carries the Guardian's mark, and has been working behind enemy lines trying to protect the Muses from the Order of the Titans. The moment he lays eyes on Trinity Porter, the Muse of Music, a power awakens inside of him, a primal need to protect her.

Trinity has lost two of her Muse sisters to the Order of the Titans, and just because the sexy Greek billionaire claims to be her Guardian doesn't mean she can trust him.

With Kronos on the loose, the stakes couldn't be higher as Trinity and her sisters open the legendary Theater of the Muses. But the longer Mikolas works at Trinity's side, the more he comes to realize that love is the only thing worth fighting for, and in the end, love could save them all.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

As I am writing this review I find it hard to believe that this is the last book in a series that I absolutely couldn’t get enough of. If like me you have read all the previous books than this one will answer all questions and if you haven’t read them then I strongly suggest that you start.

Trinity Porter the human vessel for Euterpe the Muse of Music is the only Muse who has not found her Guardian but she is about to discover that her Guardian is Mikolas Leandros the CEO of Belkin Oil and the one everyone believed to be responsible for the trouble the Muses had opening their theater and who was responsible for the death of two of them.

Mikolas always believed he was the Guardian for Nia the Muse of Astronomy and when she was killed he felt he was to blame. He lost his Muse the one he always felt he was destined to be with until he was next to Trinity and his birthmark lit up. Now he has to prove he is not who everyone thought he was and even though he was responsible for sending Kronos back to Tartarus some of the other Guardians and Muses have trouble trusting him. Mikolas was always on the side of the Muses and was sent to infiltrate the Order of the Titans in order to protect them.

At the Observatory to honor Nia all hell breaks loose when Kronos reappears with his brother Iapetus, the Titan of Morality, now the Muses and Guardians have two Titans to stop. Kronos cannot be caged or killed and all hope for humankind is lost if Zeus doesn’t get involved and convince his Father that humanity is worthwhile.

Generation after generation of Muses have tried to bring peace to mankind but hopefully this generation will decide mankind’s future. I have loved each and every book in this series and although happy to have finally learned everything there is to learn and watched each Muse find their Guardian I still am a little sad that it is all over. It was a joy to watch as each Muse found their Guardian and watching as Trinity and Mikolas found each other but the fight between the immortal Gods and humans is still a battle that needs to be fought and won.