Sophia Book Cover Sophia
The Brides of San Francisco Book 4
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing
June 28, 2016
ebook and print

Working long hours in a New York City bakery is not at all what Sophia Hayes had planned for her life. When her fiancé breaks their engagement her to marry her thinner, blonder, more beautiful sister, Sophia knows it is time to do something drastic, something completely unexpected. All she's ever wanted is to have a husband and family of her own. Agreeing to be a mail-order bride seems the perfect answer.

Robert Langley has been a sailor his entire life. As Captain of the Sapphire of India, his last cargo made him a very wealthy man, but his time at sea cost him much. His wife was killed in an accident while running away with another man leaving him a widower with four young children who barely recognize their own father. A mail-order bride seems to be the ideal solution. He simply needs a willing woman to warm his bed and a compassionate woman to raise his children. Love is not an option.

Sophia's sister is not content to leave well enough alone. When her husband dies unexpectedly, she makes her way to San Francisco to do what she has always done...take what she wants. And the moment she sets eyes on her sister's new family, what she wants is Robert Langley.

Sophia has always believed her stunning, talented sister deserved the best in life. But this time Sophia is in love, and she's not going to surrender without a fight.
Steam Heat Level - Semi-Hot

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sophia Hayes is twenty-six, unmarried and has no prospects.  She was engaged for one year to Martin Fullwood until her fraternal twin sister Angelina decided she wanted what her sister had and stole him. Now Sophia finds herself working long hours at a bakery and when she saw an ad for Matchmaker & Co. for mail-order brides she decided she had nothing to lose and applied. She longed to have a family of her own and when she was shown the letter from a ship’s captain, Robert Langley a widower with four children she jumped at it, she would have a ready made family.

Sophia was always self conscious about herself especially when she was compared to Angelina. Angelina is blond and skinny the total opposite of her twin. Always living in Angelina’s shadow she has very little confidence in herself and is afraid that Robert will not want her. She was in for a real surprise when it turned out that he was very attracted to her and wanted them to get married immediately instead of waiting to get to know each other.

Sophia seemed to have won over Robert but what about the four children ranging in age from two to ten. Their mother had as little to do with her kids as possible and with Robert away for a year at a time she found herself a new man. Although Robert wants to marry Sophia he is convinced that he will never love anyone again, once burned, twice shy. The one secret that Sophia kept from Robert was that she had slept with her fiance and was no longer a virgin. What would happen on their honeymoon night? When he finds out will he be able to forgive her?

We meet up with the first three San Francisco mail-order brides, Nellie, Annie and Cora all of whom wound up finding the loves of their lives but will Sophia be that lucky. Her marriage and her relationship with the children is going well until Angelina shows up. Sophia knows full well that she will do everything in her power to steal Robert only this time Sophia is not giving up so easily, she loves her new husband and her new children and whether that love is reciprocated or not she will not give up what she has.

Sophia was right about her sister wanting her husband, he is handsome and rich and more than that he belongs to Sophia so Angelina wants him. I loved this book as much as the first three they are simple love stories about men and women searching for love. I also loved the time period the story took place in.