Soul Bonded Book Cover Soul Bonded
The Soul Bonded Trilogy Book 1
Meghan Malone
Paranormal Erotica / Werewolves
North Bay Press
November 17, 2012

Warning: This title contains graphic language and sex, and is an erotic romance.

Feeling terminally single after a weekend in Lake Tahoe with happily coupled college friends, Katie Connelly makes the ill-timed decision to drive home during a violent snowstorm and ends up stranded on the side of a deserted mountain road. On the verge of death after days without food in the freezing cold, Katie wakes up in the cabin of her mysterious rescuer, Rafe, a dangerously sexy man who is clearly keeping secrets. Afraid for her life after overhearing a troubling conversation between Rafe and a neighbor, Katie decides that escape is her best option...even if it means venturing out into a blizzard, in the middle of nowhere, alone.

In the woods alone, Katie finds trouble almost immediately. When two werewolves attack and nearly kill her, Rafe comes to her rescue a second time--and a deadly secret is revealed. Faced with an earth-shattering truth about the man who keeps saving her life, Katie realizes that while she is no longer terminally single, she is in terrible danger. The death of one of her attackers threatens to trigger a pack war on the eve of the full moon, forcing Rafe and Katie to stand and fight for their lives--and for the love neither of them can explain.

Caught between two worlds, a werewolf and a human discover the consequences of being soul bonded.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Team

Thirty-three year old Katie Connelly went to Lake Tahoe for a girl’s weekend with her college friends, a weekend that did not turn out as she expected. The first thing that went wrong was that all of her friends were either married or in committed relationships; most of their conversations revolved around the men in their lives. Sadly, Katie’s job was her main topic of conversation. Since she had no one in her life at the time, she decided to leave Lake Tahoe a day earlier than she planned. What she never expected was that by leaving a day earlier her life would never be the same.

Going through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Katie found herself in the middle of a major blizzard. It did not take long before she found herself going out of control and landing in a ditch. With no way to drive and to underdressed to walk out into the snow, she was she decided to stay in the car until someone found her. Unfortunately, days went by, she was freezing and hungry, sure that her life was going to end. Finally, deciding to get out and try to find help, she realizes that she cannot even get the door open; she is buried in snow. Between the hunger and the cold Katie starts to drift in and out of consciousness. She is close to death.

When Katie sees a man digging around her car and feels him holding her in his arms, she is sure she is dreaming. Even though she knows she is dying, it doesn’t seem scary. Her savior is Rafe Whelan, a man who lives alone in a wooden cabin in the middle of the woods. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a man’s clothing. When she meets said man, she cannot understand the immediate sexual attraction she feels for him, even in light of her near death experience. She is convinced that he did something to her when she was unconscious, but he denies doing anything. They are stranded. He gives her his word that no harm will come to her.

She believes him until she overhears a conversation between Rafe and a neighbor, a conversation involving her. She hears the neighbor telling Rafe he should have let her die, because by tomorrow she will be dead either by his hands or another’s. Seeing no choice she runs and comes face to face with something impossible, werewolves who start biting her and tearing her clothes off to rape her. Once again Rafe comes to the rescue, but in wolf form. He ends up killing one of the wolves, an act that will now put him and her in extreme danger and could be the start of a war between two different wolf packs.

This is a very sexy novel with two very sexy characters. There are surprises, explicit sex, attempted rape and bloodthirsty werewolves, what more can you ask for?

There is a strong bond between Rafe and Katie but what is it? How can they be so attracted to each other after such a short time? How can they survive the night with a pack of vicious werewolves looking for revenge?

3rd Place Winner for Best Paranormal Erotica Novel

2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice awards!