Soul Deep Book Cover Soul Deep
A Malsum Pass Novel
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Romance
June 29, 2018

Is Malsum Pass harboring a killer?
Having survived an abusive marriage and escaped the vengeance of her pride for the death of her mate, feline shifter Lillian Oremun has rebuilt her life with a new identity in the shifter town of Malsum Pass. She owes the wolf pack her very existence, so when Lily becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation and subjects her beloved town to police scrutiny, she will do anything to clear her name – even team up with an annoying bear shifter who stirs up desires she’d never thought she’d feel.
Bear shifter, Christian Black chose to remain in Malsum Pass after a brief visit in order to get sober and reclaim his life. Living in close proximity to Lillian Oremun, a beautiful but prickly feline, was just a bonus. Determined to win her for himself, he quickly discovers his usual lines won’t work with this female. He would definitely need to up his game… Maybe even take on a killer.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lily Oremum has been living at Malsum Pass a wolf community ever since she and her sister Daisy ran from their pride after the murder of Lily’s husband Hank by Daisy . Hank was the son of the Pride leader who abused her from the first night of their marriage. Lily was so overcome by the fact that Hank chose her she never saw past his handsome face and who he was until it was too late. Now she lives with scars both physically thanks to Hank clawing the side of her face and emotionally due to years of abuse by the man who should have loved and cared for her.

Now living in Malsum Pass she has found peace working and doing everything she can to protect the pack that took her and Daisy in. Now Daisy is with her mate and Lily is alone determined to never allow herself to love again and risk pain. She attends a group meeting with other women who have been subjected to abuse and finds a sense of peace that she is not alone but that peace will be shattered when men are found murdered. These men all have a history of abuse and at one meeting Lily allows herself to growl putting focus on her as the murderer. Not only has she attracted the attention of the police but she has put the community in danger.

Christian Black is the brother of Sebastian who we have met previously and who are bear shifters. Sebastian had lived a solitary life until he met his mate and now Christian has taken over his shack looking for redemption for his past mistakes. He is an alcoholic and bears some of his own physical and mental scars but the one addiction he is unwilling to give up is his addiction to the panther who has captured his heart, Lily.

Christian pushes all of Lily’s buttons and she does all she can to fight the attraction fearing what could happen but she learns that the heart and mind are two different things and sometimes work against each other. With Lily suspected of being a murderer Christian is determined to prove her innocence only then can he hope to pursue a relationship with her.

This was a great story about two characters from previous books that I was happy to learn more about and to see them face their pasts and hopefully find a happy place where together they can heal.