Soul Keeper Book Cover Soul Keeper
Brotherhood of Shadows Book 1
Cathryn Marr
Paranormal Romance
Brokenoggin Books, LLC
July 9, 2019

He’s a heavenly outcast. She’s a mortal woman with unearthly gifts. Can they ward off a rising apocalypse?

Fallen angel Luceire Garard has spent an eternity chasing redemption. So, when he’s given a mission to find and protect a defenseless young psychic, he jumps at the chance. But he never expected the beautiful woman who could help his mission to slam him in the chest with an impossible power.

Aurora Montgomery has always had a special connection to kids with disabilities. As more and more children reach out to her in pain, she knows she has no choice but to join the darkly handsome Fallen on a death-defying mission. But when a serial killer targets the innocent children, saving them may require tapping into an ancient, unexplainable gift.

As Luceire and Aurora hunt down the murderer, they discover his attempt to sacrifice souls could resurrect an ancient, indestructible darkness. And the only way to stop the end of the world may require shedding innocent blood.

Can Luceire and Aurora avoid the unthinkable and stop the end of humanity?

Soul Keeper is the first book in the sexy paranormal romance series, Brotherhood of Shadows. If you like complex characters, high-stakes suspense, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Cathryn Marr’s highly sensual, fast-paced tale.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

A war is coming and few are aware of it. Dr. Michael Beck is determined to release the Watchers who once free will take over the world and make him a god. The Brotherhood of shadows has sent Luceire Garard a Fallen to secure all the kids and adults that are threatened by the Watchers and he is sent by Senn Lawton to Aurora (Rory) Montgomery for help. He must find and rescue a child referred to as the Sixth Element and she is the only one who can help.

Aurora has a special connection with kids with disabilities and children who are dead but not dead are reaching out to her. These kids are dead but their souls have been locked inside so that they can be fed on leaving them unable to go to the light. She knows that she has no choice but to work with Luc but considering that they both were totally smitten the moment they saw each other it was not a hard decision to make. Luc has promised the Brotherhood to be celibate but she is the one after a millennium that is threatening to make him break that promise.

As soon as Luc appeared Aurora’s gifts began to present themselves, gifts that were beyond anything that could be expected from a human, if in fact she is human. She has known Senn Lawton and his sister most of her life but they have kept her gifts from her, it was Luc who finally realized that she needs protection because without a doubt she would be wanted by many with her enormous energy level and her ability to feed them for years. Her powers are without question bigger than anyone could ever have suspected.

Luc has been fighting for redemption ever since he climbed out of the pit of Hell and he has to fight the evil he knows still exists inside him if he allowed it to be free. He also is the father of Athan who lives for death and violence and whose evil knows no bounds. Aurora and Luc have a fight before them and are unawares of the fact that there are those in power who are betraying them.

The story has sex, violence, betrayal and surprises.