Spark and Ember Book Cover Spark and Ember
Beautiful Dark Beasts Book 2
Melissa Sercia
Paranormal Romance/Vampires
City Owl Press
April 20, 2021

When the hunters become the hunted, Arya Frost’s very existence hangs in the balance.

Shortly after becoming the Aether—a witch who can control all four elements—she is running for her life again.

The gods try to curse her, the witches attempt to steal her magic, and the darkness threatens to consume her, but Arya Frost cannot be defeated.

Now the fate of her kind is at risk of extinction.

With the Crescent coven leaders still missing, an ancient society of human hunters, Coven Seekers, has waged war on all witches.

With her love and only ally, the god Chaos, Arya will have to discover how to recover the only family she has left and find a way to stop the Coven Seekers.

But before she can find her friends, and deal with the fallout from the gods determined to keep Chaos from her, Arya will have to face the dark path ahead.

Danger and betrayers lurk behind every shadow, and not all roads lead to a happily ever after.

If you like Lisa Edmonds, Michael Anderle, Hailey Edwards, and Martha Carr, you’ll love this thrilling paranormal romance!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Arya watches as Sanctum lies in a pile of ash and her best friends Diego and Sapphire are dragged away. The only thing that saved her was Dionysus, Chaos’ brother. Now with Chaos locked up, her friends gone and Sanctum and everyone in it destroyed she finds herself alone and in danger. With no other choice she buys her way on a pirate ship heading to New York hoping to find answers as to who has her friends and who destroyed Sanctum while she waits for the love of her life, Chaos, to return to her.


Finding shelter with a friend she discovers that the Coven Seekers, witch hunters who want to eliminate supernatural threats are responsible for destroying and capturing the leaders of the main covens. The Coven Seekers have been able to block all magic against them and everyone is in danger. When Chaos finally finds her and they are reunited they both set out to find Diego, Sapphire and the Coven leaders. It will take old enemies and new friends to succeed and Arya learns the hard way that sometimes the enemies are at your door and embracing you as a friend and you never saw them coming until it was too late.


Humans and supernatural’s have to work together to save their homes and their lives. Arya soon comes face to face with people she trusted only to learn the truth about them, a truth that both shocks her and saddens her. A lot is on the line, Chaos’ future since his love for Arya blinds him and allows him to do things Gods are forbidden to do.  Arya has a decision to make herself for her friends and what she decides to do is not something I will reveal in this review. 


This is a series that must be read in order and each book ends in a cliffhanger. As a reader who hates cliffhangers, I can honestly say that I am not sorry I started this series because cliffhanger or not it held my interest and the endings did not cause me to want to throw my kindle out the window. Secrets, lies and betrayals and a love that sizzles from beginning to end. I can’t recommend this series enough, so if like me you hate cliffhangers put that on the back burner and start this series you won’t be sorry. My only regret is I have to wait for the next chapter.