Special Effects: Paranormal Dating Agency Book Cover Special Effects: Paranormal Dating Agency
Gemma-Hydrox Series Book 7
L. J. Vickery
Paranormal Romance-Science Fiction
MT Worlds
January 15, 2021

Kels Xafer, drummer for the intergalactic powerhouse metal band, Wortthest, is in huge peril. He’s blissfully unaware there’s a threat until several attempts on his life make it clear someone doesn’t want him around. With the help of the FPU he hopes to discover who wishes him dead. But will his huge attraction to the drangel assigned to his case put both their lives in danger?

Sallsy is frustrated watching all her fellow agents find true love. Where is her happily ever after? She’s waited months for the man she’s crushing on to ask her out, but it hasn’t happened. Taking things into her own hands, she enlists the aid of Gerry Wilder, dating guru extraordinaire, who warns her things don’t always turn out the way one imagines. Is it possible Ms. Wilder knows something she doesn’t?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   

Sallsy is working for the FPU like her other sisters from Gamma-Hydrox. She dreams of finding love and when a fellow employee of FPU, Danny seems to be flirting with her she falls hook line and sinker for him. When he doesn’t show that he plans on their relationship going further she goes to Gerri Wilder for help. Gerri gets her a date with Danny and Sallsy sees her dreams coming to fruition. The date is a concert with metal band Wortthest, a band Sallsy loves and a drummer, Kels Xafer, who she finds pleasing to the eye.


She is so new to romance that she took innocent flirting as a sign of attraction when it turns out that it is the furthest thing on Danny’s mind especially when his husband would not approve. Now she sees Danny as a friend in addition to seeing a suspicious man in the box next to theirs. Kels is in danger and without further thought she turns into her drangel jumping on stage for all the world to see. Fortunately she saves the band and the audience is convinced they have seen the best special effects ever.


Kels finds himself attracted to Sallsy but he is aware of what her species is, they are both male and female and he can’t get his head around being with a man. Of course an affair would work if she would keep her male side hidden. So hungry to have sex for the first time she promises to keep her male from appearing even though those of us who have read this series from the start know that she has only one side and that is female. It is also a secret she is not willing to share with Kels since when he is safe he will go on his way and she can accept the fact that it ended because of her male side.


The hits keep coming, meaning one attempt after another on Kels life and Sallsy is assigned to protect him. She makes it very clear that she wants to have sex with him, she holds nothing back but he knows she is keeping something from him so putting pike to quim is a no no for now. Of course there are many other ways to satisfy and they utilize every one of them.


I have read all the books in this series and loved every one of the lavender ladies finding  love, but will Sallsy be one of them? I can’t think of anything better while going through political upheaval and a pandemic then a book that is as far from reality as this one is and filled with amazing characters. If you have read other books in the series then you are well acquainted with Calamity. If you haven’t then she is reason enough to start, a ship’s computer with a dirty mouth and no filter.