Spellbound: An Erotic Odessey Book Cover Spellbound: An Erotic Odessey
Angello Adrien
Paranormal, Urban, Erotica
Amazon Digital Services LLC
September 24, 2018

Ending a bad relationship is awful. Having to see their face everyday following that is worse.

What better way to recharge the heart than a grand vacation to a mysterious Greek island?

In a place where myths and legends are alive and well, David Angellus finds himself thrown through a gauntlet of godly games.

Seduction, death, and rebirth are just the beginning of his odyssey.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Eighteen year old David Angellus met twenty-six year old Johnny Velazquez and fell in love. David is a senior at Philadelphia University majoring in Art History. He and Johnny were together off and on for three years, three years where Johnny stayed in the closet and where he never took David’s wants and needs into consideration. Johnny was controlling and secretive and David finally had enough .When he told Johnny how he felt, he received a text advising him that Johnny no longer wanted to be with him.

David invested three years of his life with Johnny and all he got for it was a text breaking up with him and blaming him for everything. At the advice of his friend, Arsela, he decided to take a vacation. He had two weeks off from school and chose to go to Greece, a place that always fascinated him. In Greece, on the Island of Skopelos. David would learn to let go of all the pain he suffered because of Johnny and take a journey that would change him both mentally and physically.

He met one of the waiters at his hotel, Stavos, who took him under his wing and showed him the Island and asked him what he wanted. The answer was he wanted to be liberated and Stavos was going to see to it that he was. I don’t want to go into detail as to what happened to David while on the Island and why he wound up being gone for months missing a full semester, that is something you need to read for yourself.

When David returned home, he set out to make up what he lost when he was gone. He was determined to graduate with all his friends. The only problem he ran into was that he was required to take Spanish and his teacher wound up to be Johnny. Now he had to face him every day. Although Johnny has a new boyfriend and is still in the closet, he can’t seem to stay away from David especially when he sees the new and improved version. However, that puts him in the cross hairs of his new boyfriend and a latte.

David begins to keep a diary of everything that happened to him in Greece and desperately misses Stavos. It is through his diary that we get all the details of his experiences in Greece, who he met, who he had sex with, and other things not so pleasant. When Stavos finally reunites with David it is as Daniel. The reality is that was not his real name either, and his real name is not something I am going to reveal.

This was an erotic romance, but it didn’t truly begin until the second half of the book. The reason I didn’t give this book a higher rating in spite of the fact that I enjoyed it is the editing, I am not a reviewer who puts too much emphasis on editing if the editing is just minor. That was not the case in this book because the editing was horrible. Saying that, I still recommend this book filled with secrets and explicit sex and some wonderful characters.