Spirit in Time Book Cover Spirit in Time
Spirited Quest Mysteries
Julie Howard
Paranormal and Urban Fantasy-Ghosts-Time Travel
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
February 10, 2021

Time travel isn't real. It can't be real. But ghost-blogger Jillian Winchester discovers otherwise when an enigmatic spirit conveys her to 1872 to do his bidding. Jillian finds herself employed as a maid in Sacramento, in an elegant mansion with a famous painting.
The artwork reveals another mystery: Why does the man within look exactly like her boyfriend, Mason Chandler?
Morality and sin live side by side, not only in the picture, but also within her. As her transgressions escalate, she races the clock to find the man in the painting, and hunt down a spirit with a disconcerting gift.
But will time be her friend or foe?

Reviewed By Aethena Drake 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Spirit in Time was a difficult book to take breaks from because the story did not slow down.  This was the third book in the Spirited Quest series, but I had no trouble jumping into the story even though I hadn’t read the previous books.  


The main character, Jillian, is a ghost-blogger who writes about her experiences with the supernatural.  Jillian is the sort of character that allows the reader to view the world through her eyes.  She takes charge of the challenging situations by riding the wave rather than fighting against it.  This adventure is a bit out of the norm for her despite her experiences with spirits.  She begins her trip by herself, but eventually her boyfriend Mason becomes an important key in solving a mystery and helping Jillian complete her quest.  From the beginning, Jillian is forced to deal with the challenges of being a woman in an era when  women are not allowed freedom and authority over their own future.  


Most of the story revolves around the 1800’s time period in Sacramento.  The historical aspects of the story feel very authentic and play a key role in creating tension in the book.  Having grown up in a town that celebrates roots grounded in the late 1800’s, I felt at home in the setting of this book.  The clothing, environment, and behavior of the characters was very familiar.  The time period sets the stage for a conflict that both Jillian and Mason need to work through in order to survive their latest adventure.  


I recommend this book if you are looking for a historical romance ghost story with an interesting plot and serious emotional tension.