Spirit Shattered Book Cover Spirit Shattered
The Guardians, Book 4
Tessa McFionn
Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Etopia Press
May 31, 2018

Only a Guardian's love can soothe her jaded heart.

Growing up in South Boston, Danika Callaghan was taught early on that life is neither kind nor fair. Fighting has kept her alive on more than one occasion. Under the abusive roof of her brutal uncle, she battles to keep her innocent nephew safe from harm. Yet, a fateful turn down a back alley leads her into a world where she learns heroes are real, and not every man is a monster. But does she dare give her trust—or her heart—to this gorgeous warrior from a forgotten era?

Ukrainian boyar Anton Yurchenko was chosen as a Guardian Warrior while standing on the steps of Saint Sophia's Cathedral. Dedicated to the belief in peace and armed with the powerful mental skills of a Conduit, he has fought to protect humanity with grace and dignity. However, when a fiery slip of a girl saves his life, he is determined to discover the mysteries behind her skittish exterior. But evil has set its eyes on the star-crossed pair.

Is true love worth the fight, or will Danika's fear plunge them into a darkness even Anton can't save her from?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Danika (Nika) Callaghan is a girl filled with anger and hate after years of abuse both physical and sexual by her Uncle Cain. When her father lost his job and with her mother dead they were forced to move into the uncle’s two bedroom apartment in South Boston. Her father fell into the bottle but before long drugs took over his life. He never knew about the abuse Nika suffered because she was known for always getting into fights and each time she appeared beaten he never once thought of Cain. The only thing keeping her where she is and enduring constant beatings was her four year old nephew Liam. She is determined to keep him from suffering the way she has and with no money to move out she is stuck in a constant life of Hell.

One night walking home she sees two men fighting with swords both of them huge when one of the men is badly injured she doesn’t hesitate to get into the fray and manages to ward off one of the men. Hoping that she has saved the right man she manages to get him to her apartment building and into an empty apartment where she can watch over him. She had no way of knowing that she had gotten in the middle of a fight between a Guardian Warrior thousands of years old and a rogue who have been fighting for centuries. The rogue Claude Fournier has pursued Anton over continents and through time but has not been successful.

When Anton wakes up and shakes Nika’s hand in thanks he suddenly realizes that she is his spiritmate, the female who would ground him back into the mortal realm or choose to take up arms and stand beside him. Unfortunately Nika is so jaded and so filled with anger that Claude sees her as a perfect person to join his rogues but it will be a fight between Anton and evil to see who wins her over. Although Anton has the ability to search her mind and erase any hurtful memories he doesn’t do it, he is all about peace and would never betray anyone in that manner especially his spiritmate.

Never knowing love and having spent most of her adult life being raped and beaten Nika is not willing to accept that anyone could love her or want her and as much as Anton tries she puts up a wall around her, a wall he is trying to break down. It would be so easy for her to go to the dark side especially after something unbelievable happens but will Anton be able to save her from a life of evil. Eamon the leader of the Guardian Warriors has little faith in Nika and hopes that he is proven wrong because losing his spiritmate would destroy Anton.

Loved this story and Danika a strong women with little respect for herself fighting to keep her little nephew from harm. I would like to have a Guardian Warrior of my own but I will live vicariously through Danika.