Under the Stars Book Cover Under the Stars
Geoff Laughton
YA M/M Romance
Harmony Ink Press
October 9, 2014

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sixteen year old Ethan Tanner is on his way to a vacation from Hell. Last year when it was his choice where to go, he chose Broadway. His long term dream is to be a Broadway star and sing and dance. Unfortunately, this year was his sister Jessica’s choice and it is a doozy, a Dude Ranch in Wyoming.

Ethan spent most of the ride to the Rocking H Ranch complaining. When they arrived, he immediately saw everything he dreaded was a reality. Horses, cows, dirt, and an old cottage. His intention was to never leave the cottage until he met sixteen year old Jason McCoy, the owner’s son. Ethan is not your ordinary sixteen year old. He is gay, came out at the age of fourteen, and is a vegetarian clean freak who carries around his own personal sanitizer. Ethan is one of the few boys who come out of the closet to parents, who although shocked at first, love their son, accept him and only want him to be happy. From all I have read, Ethan’s parents seem to be in the minority.

When Ethan and Jason begin to hang out, Jason confesses that he is also gay. However, it is not something he is willing to tell his parents. All they seem to care about is how much free work they can get out of him. He has never heard the words “I love you” from either his mom or dad. Jason’s parents are so unlike Ethan’s. Jason will keep his secret until he is ready to go out on his own. Ethan encourages Jason to go to college. He is willing to help Jason anyway he can over the computer and phone when he returns to Chicago.

Two young boys find themselves in love, but are in no position to do anything about it until they are older. Can sixteen year olds manage a long term relationship? They decide they will try to attend the same college and room together, but that is two years away. Long term relationships don’t work for adults. How can it work for two teenage boys?

This is a must read for any young man who is trying to deal with his sexuality. It is also a book parents should read. They will see what caring, accepting parents are like and what parents who are bigoted and hateful are like. I have not read a gay book as well written as this when it deals with youngsters. I feel it could be a tool to help them accept who they are and how to deal with it. There is no explicit sex in the book. It is a book about young love and accepting who and what you are.

3rd Place Winner:

Best M/M Romance Novella

Special Recognition for being the only YA competing with Adult M/M Romance 

2014 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards