The Starving Years Book Cover The Starving Years
Jordan Castillo Price
MMM Dystopian Romance
JCP Books, LLC
March 3, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

There is every once in a while, I miss a book. This happens very rarely, and when it does sometimes it makes me happy. Sometimes it means I have something brand new to read  from a favorite author of mine to enjoy, while I am waiting for more of the new stuff….

Jordan has written this book in 2012 and I am ashamed I missed it, and truly am so happy I found it now. This author has a way with building truly believable worlds with characters that spring to life over the pages and the mixture never disappoints.

The introduction here is our world in 1960 where there is no more hunger. Manna is the food source, and it feeds the world through companies producing it in all flavors. Sounds wonderful right????? But I was always lead to believe No One Thing is always the answer.

Our story brings us this concept, and three men from different lives all meeting from the aftershock of a riot at a Caanan Products Job Fair. Nelson, Javier, Randy and Maryanne were in attendance, and when the lights went out all worked together to get out of the darkened building. Within minutes, a truck rounded the corner and Javier got them to it, driven by Tim, and their lives would be forever changed from this moment. The streets of Manhattan were a battleground of rioting and getting to safety was the main purpose.

Getting to Tim’s small apartment was the first stop for Jordan Price to set us back on our heels; slowly learning about the fearsome five. Three of the men Javier, Tim and Nelson had more secrets for us to learn while we watched the three of them forming a MMM sizzling sandwich. Original plans were to drop Maryanne and Randy off asap but I am so glad that didn’t happen. Our author has us racing all over lower Manhattan from morgue to jails to deal with the complete shutdown of NYC. Was it on purpose? Were they being attacked? No cell service, no internet????? Only The Voice of Reason !!!

Do not miss this…..