Stick the Landing Book Cover Stick the Landing
Elite Athletes Book 2
Kate McMurray
MM Romance/Sports
Dreamspinner Press
July 28, 2020

Jake Mirakovitch might be the best gymnast in the world, but there’s one big problem: he chokes in international competition. The least successful of a family of world-class gymnasts, he has struggled to shake off nerves in the past. This time he’s determined to bring home the gold no matter what.

Retired figure skater Topher Caldwell wants a job as a commentator for the American network that covers the Olympics, and at the Summer Olympics in Madrid, he has a chance to prove himself with a few live features. He can’t afford to stumble.

Olympic victories eluded Topher, so he knows about tripping when it really counts. When he interviews Jake, the two bond over the weight of all that pressure. The flamboyant reporter attracts the kind of attention Jake—stuck in a glass closet—doesn’t want, but Jake can’t stay away. Topher doesn’t want to jeopardize his potential new job, and fooling around with a high-profile athlete seems like a surefire way to do just that. Yet Topher can’t stay away either….

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was such a fantastic escape!  If you need a fun, romantic, and low angst book, Kate McMurray has delivered.  Then you also get the fun of the Olympics as a backdrop.  Christopher “Topher” Caldwell is a retired figure skater who has found that life after competitive sports has left him missing his skating days but reveling in the freedom to be out and proud.  Jake Mirakovitch is facing what will probably be his last Olympics- with a history of choking in international competition.  These two should be focusing exclusively on their immediate goals—a job in television sports and a gold medal, respectively.  At least that is what everyone around them keeps telling them.  


This story really strikes a great balance.  The world of gymnastics is brought to life without feeling like it takes over the story.  These guys!!!  Topher reminds me of Johnny Weir in his ability to wear gender fluid clothing and also be a great commentator for sports.  His chemistry with Jake is fire on the page.  Their ability to find time for each other in the pressure cooker of such a huge competition and to avoid the ever watchful  press, creates some quick, super hot moments.  My favorite extra was the friendship that developed between Topher and Natalie.  They were great together.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with these guys.