Stuck in Oz Book Cover Stuck in Oz
Tales from Kansas Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 29, 2014

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been a month since twenty-year-old Jeremy Radcliff lost his mother, leaving him in charge of raising his three-year-old brother, Petey.  For a twenty year old, Jeremy has a lot on his plate, raising himself and his little brother without a home or money.  Their mother’s only concern was herself and the many men she would bring home, some evil some kind.  Jeremy never felt loved or wanted, and he has sworn that Petey will never feel that way.

The only alternative left to Jeremy is to call his Uncle Milt, his mother’s brother, and someone he has barely met.  Although his Uncle told him he was welcome, he left out the part about Petey and hoped he could stay until he was able to get a job and a place for himself.  Having lived his entire life fearing rejection, he is expecting it once again. However, he has no choice and so he and Petey set off for Wamego in Kansas, the place we first learned about in book one of the series, Dumped in Oz.

Jeremy’s Uncle Milt seems to welcome them, but since he is, a man of few words Jeremy is not feeling confident.  Will his uncle throw him and Petey out?  Will he be able to stay long enough to find work and a place of his own?  What will happen when his uncle finds out he is gay, something he never let his mother know since her attitude towards gays was hateful?

When Jeremy finds out his mother and uncle didn’t get along because neither approved of the other’s lifestyle, his mother’s partying and his uncle being gay, something Jeremy now felt a little more comfortable with.  In Wamego, Jeremy meets Nate, a man who works with his uncle, and a man who arouses feelings in him that he has tried to keep hidden.

When a letter arrives from his mother’s lawyer, it indicates Uncle Milt is permitted to be Petey’s guardian. Jeremy is sure he is in the way and leaves.  After Nate finds him in his stalled car, Jeremy begins to see that running away was not the answer. He also sees he is wanted, especially by Nate and Petey.  The biggest surprise is that Uncle Milt wants him also.  Sometimes it is hard to put a lifetime of feeling unwanted aside, but now he has to learn how.

Another story of love and courage by Andrew Grey.  Another story filled with amazing caring characters.  Another story filled with passion.  I also loved little Petey and Uncle Milt, a young boy with a big heart and a man who has lived his entire life alone but suddenly finds it full.  I don’t know how Mr. Grey does it book after book but he does and I am thankful, because if I am given ten books to review I always pick his first and that is because they always leave me happy.