April 10, 2021

Submission and Review Guidelines

The Paranormal Romance Guild (“PRG”) will accept, for review, books from authors, both traditional and independent, and publishers. We accept books from all genres.

Before requesting a review, please read our Submission and Review Guidelines.

Submission of request for review

All requests must be submitted, via email, by the author or publisher.

The Request for Review must contain the following information:

Book title
Author name
Publisher name
Date of publication
Contact details
Please state if this is a bump request (bumps are available to paid members only)
Please state if you would like to be contacted to sponsor a New Release Giveaway for your book.

Submission requests are to be e-mailed:

Confirmation of Request will be provided within 10 days of receipt of Submission Request. If a confirmation is not received within the requisite period, please resubmit the request. Confirmation of Request is NOT an approval of the submission.

Formal Notice of Approval/Rejection of the Request for Review will be provided, within 72 hours of the Confirmation of Request, via e-mail.

Approval of request for review

If the Request for Review is approved, additional information will be provided.

Additional information will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Submission and Review Rules
    - the Submitter is required to respond, via email, acknowledging and accepting the Submission and Review Rules
    - please use the standard signature of “Acknowledged and Accepted”
  2. Mailing information for the Submission.

Books approved for Review will need to be provided in e-format or printed format.

NOTE: A self-addressed, stamped envelope MUST be provided in order to return any book or manuscript.

Upon confirmation of receipt of your title, please expect a 6-10 week review period. An additional complimentary e-mail will follow with an attachment of the Review and the expected publication date to the PRG


ALL reviews written by the PRG Review Committee will be published to the PRG site.

All reviews 3 star and above written by the PRG Review Committee will be published on the PRG site, Amazon, and authors may request additional postings on sites like GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, or others.

All 2 star or lower reviews written by the PRG Review Committee will NOT be published anywhere other than the PRG site.

Reviews written by the PRG Review Committee may be used for promotion and/or marketing, by the respective author and publisher, with permission of the Paranormal Romance Guild.  All promotions and/or marketing must credit the Paranormal Romance Guild with the use of its name and logo.

Review guidelines

Once the Submission of Request for Review is approved, and the rules “Acknowledged and Accepted”, a Reviewer will be assigned and a mailing address will be provided.  The Paranormal Romance Guild provides high-standard, quality Reviews.

Upon confirmation of receipt of your title, please expect a 4-6 week review period.

Book ratings are as follows:

5 *****Outstanding book
4 ****Very good book
3 ***Good book with some issues
2 **Poor book with some redeeming qualities
1 *Very poor book

Genres are as follows (including, but not limited to):

Action / Adventure
Contemporary Fiction
Fantasy (Dark, Urban, Paranormal...)
Graphic Novel
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Religious / Inspirational
Romance (Historical, Paranormal...)
Science Fiction
Short Story Collections
Thriller / Suspense
Young Adult

The Review will contain the following:

Section-IBook title
Date of publication
Section-IIStory synopsis
Character synopsis
Plot flow
Section-IIIReviewer relation to the writing style, flow, dialogue and characters.
Section-IVReviewer's personal opinion of the book.

Most and least favourite characters. This can include, but is not limited to, discussion of:

- Cover and artwork
- Grammatical and spelling errors
- Editing errors
- Tense structure
Section-VReviewer recommendation

The Paranormal Romance Guild hopes this will be a great experience for all those involved!


The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Committee

Gloria Lakritz, Chairperson


All reviews posted on this site and written by our reviewers are personal opinions of the book by the reviewers. The reviews are NOT paid endorsements of the book or the author. They are not advertisements. A copy of the book is necessary to perform the review. All paper books will be returned to the authors upon request, at the authors' expense. All reviews are honest, forthright and the opinion of the individual reviewer. By submitting works for review, you are acknowledging and accepting no guarantee of acceptance and no guarantee of a favorable review. All submissions will be reviewed and rated using the same criteria. You may request a copy of the review guidelines by emailing us. The Paranormal Romance Guild reserves the right to, at any time, make changes to the Submission and Review Guidelines. Religious, lifestyle and/or political views found in books reviewed do not reflect the opinions of The Paranormal Romance Guild or its members. The Paranormal Romance Guild has chosen to review these books for the author and does not, in any way, attempt to influence readers in their choice of lifestyle or their beliefs. The Paranormal Romance Guild retains the right to deny a Request for Review at any time, for any reason, as deemed necessary.

Generally, PRG does not accept books which include explicit acts of rape, incest, child abuse and/or bestiality. (Romance involving shape-shifters is permissible, as long as participants in explicit scenes remain in human form.) We understand that some of the above acts may be consequential to a story, and as each instance is subjective, we do not wish to be restrictive but prefer not to review stories with extremely objectionable content. If you would like to submit a book for review that is questionable over one of these issues, please contact us and explain the circumstances - acceptance for review is at the discretion of the PRG Review Chairperson.

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