March 30, 2020

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Book TitleAuthorPremium Member
Fire MaidensAnna Lowey
Forged in Fire
Book 2
Elizabeth Schechtery
Professor's Green Card MagicHeidi Cillinan
Ozzy Bk #1Rowan MasseyY
Sundown#1KL NooneY
Home Coming#2KL NooneY
Doc #3Rowan MasseyY
TransformationKim FieldingY
Where Angels Fear to Tread
Arshad AhsanuddenY
A Guppy PrinceC W GrayY
Bitter PillJordan Castillo PriceY
Inborn MagicKim McDougallN
Open MindL. David/ M. AshleyN
Whistlers WonderlandGeorgia TingleyN
Cynthia WardAdventures of the Naked GuideN
Touch of MagicJules FeatherstoneN
RetaliationHayley CavanaughN
Forbidden DragonClaire CunnnghamN
Deathly DesiresChris BedellN

Premium Member Queue

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3/30 Third One
The Other Book #4
Roe Horvat
3/31 Hallelujah
Dual Review
4/6 Shift Happens Carrie Pulkinen
4/6A Vigil in the MourningHailey Turner
4/6Dei-Ex MachinaKim Fielding
4/7Catch of a LifetimeAndrew Grey
4/28The Golem of Mala Lubovny Kim Fielding
april/mayGravity Mona Sedrake
5/12 Refugees Kim Fielding
5/13HealerRL Merrill

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