June 2, 2020

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Book TitleAuthorPremium Member
ImpulseEva Menoz
At The Heart of LoveSteve Valenti
The Red ThirstPelaam
Jail BreakSara Rayne
Hopeless ScarsAL Williams
IsolationJade Black
Alpha's Fake MateWendy Rathbone
Selkie's CoatDrea Roman
Alpha's EmbraceWendy Rathbone
Back Door into PurgatoryRory Ni Coilleain
Dirty BrillianceLea Bronsen
Fool For LoveFelice Sevens
Queen of CorvidsJC Mckenzie
A Good Demon is Hard to FindKate Moseman
Ravens GlenNancy E Polin
The Telling TouchKeira Dominguez
The Keys: Voice of the TurtleKaren Hulene Bartell
Wild Rose PassKaren Hulene Bartell
Apothocary TeaAutumn Key

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april/mayGravity Mona Sedrake
6/3Bear With MeMarilyn Barr

Taken by the Imp

Charlotte Red Bird

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