January 26, 2021

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Book TitleAuthorGeneral Queue
Trail of DesireDevon McKay
Last Stop for SinDevon McKay
The Sword UnsheathedJudith Serling
In The Name of the Father Bk #1Morticia Knight
For The Love of a Boy
Morticia Kmight
Now and Forever
BK #3
Morticia Knight
Rapann's AllLaura Strickland
Immortal Divorce CourtKurt Zurkowsy
The Liar Among Creatures #2D Fischer
Rival of the Species
D Fischer
Chases FireCasey Wyatt
Midnights FateIsobelle Cate
Blood MoonVicki Crum
Blood BondSydney Windward
Deadly PretenseAngelique Snowden
Type Dirty to MeRoxanne D Howard
Ink Some Like it HauntedEllen Mint
Rekindled ProphecyK C Freeman
ChosenMarla Meyers
Holidays IncRachael Paige Campbell
MesmerizedViolet Elizabeth Moon
Secrets of the RavineBrenda Whiteside
Bound to YouAllison Caraway

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All The Right PlacesWayne Goodman
SeaworthyK L Noone
EnoughA,L, Williams
Wilder Ryder Gets LuckyJulia McBryant
Healing LanceM.D. Grimm
The Screening Room Bk 1SMA
Forgiving LanceM.D. Grimm
Unusual AttentionB.G. Thomas
Cupid's AxK.A. Masters
Love Never DiesPelaam
Omega UntamedWendy Rathbone
The Journey #2SMA
The BookerGrace Hudson
Avenging Lance #3M.D. Grmm

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