April 10, 2021

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Book TitleAuthorGeneral Queue
Saving DarknightLou Sylvre
By The WaterfallFreddy McKay
Killer TwinsRomeo Preminger
Over The TopCindy Dees
When Heart Becomes HomePat Henshaw
Take EverythingAlexandra Caluen
Diamond RosePamela Valenti
Black Water MagicLeslie Scott
HazeRebecca Cruden
Haunted HeartsK Sterling
To Die For #2Davidson King
Re Inventing CatoBarbara Elsborg
Heart Beets #3Davidson King
Taste of Fear #4Davidson King

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Arthropoda Meltzer/Hayes
Purgatory Playhouse

EJ Russell
Vampire in Vegas S.C. Principale
The Neighbor London Clarke

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