The Sunday Man Book Cover The Sunday Man
The McCoy Series Book 5
Toni V. Sweeney
Historical Romance
Class Act Books
June 13, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

A fan of Ms. Sweeney for sooo many years, I cannot still believe how enthralled I can become in her story worlds. The gift she brings to the reader is truly remarkable. Many authors in order to continue a series, release a story once a year. Ms. Sweeney has written this McCoy Series a release for one full novel EVERY THIRTY DAYS. Simply Amazing!

We have started with our Patriarch Quinton, in Tipperary having one daughter and three sons, Donal, Padraig, and Colin. We have been following their lives, loves, and learning how these boys grew, were educated, marriages and deaths.

Padraig and his escapades, being banished from his father’s estate, brought us to America and the Old West….This next generation of children brought us Quill and Liam born to Padraig and Colin’s; Making Four Corners Nebraska (now named McCoy’s Crossing) something to be proud of.

Quill has made a life for himself following in his father Padraig’s footsteps as a rancher and cattle baron. Liam, Colin’s son hated ranching, selling his father’s ranch to Quill as soon as their fathers were called back to Europe, by their father, upon the death of their brother Donal.

I loved returning to the world first written in the earlier books of the series. Ms. Sweeney again takes the reader home as well. This last book centers on Liam who isn’t exactly feeling home. Liam born in Tipperary raised in America, has dramatically left his life behind for this trip. Being a well-respected business man in McCoy’s Crossing owning the up and coming Men’s Club, and the newest Gambling Establishment for cards and games of chance, and The Local Saloon (hosting ladies of the Evening for hire) marking him as The Sunday Man. But it is his health we center on and his relationship with his father Colin (The Good Son) that is our author’s objective and of course the affair of the heart.

Ms. Sweeney has left little hints of intrigue in each of these stories, that I am sure will start being revealed in the next stories That will end this wonderful series. Will Liam find out his true heritage? Did Donal have a living child? Thank you Ms. Sweeney for your gift of words…