Tame a Wild Wind Book Cover Tame a Wild Wind
Tame Series Book 2
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Cynthia Woolf
February 20, 2014

In TAME A WILD WIND, an exciting, historical, western, romance, Sam Colter is running from his past as a Texas Ranger, from the pain of losing his wife and daughters, from his own broken soul. He finds peace running a ranch and minding his own business until the beautiful, widowed ranch owner, Cassie O'Malley, offers him a devil's bargain...to become her lover with no strings attached. Trouble is, once he's tasted her fiery passion, he wants it all...

Cassie O'Malley is a woman with a plan, run her ranch and avoid entanglements. The handsome ex-lawman wreaks havoc on her body and her heart, but she can't risk the shattering pain of losing another husband. Marriage is out of the question until Sam's past follows him home to the ranch.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, there's none colder than the corpse of the man Sam Colter saw hanged for murder. The dead man's brother is determined to make Sam pay, and the pretty Cassie will suit his purposes just fine....

This is a historical, western romance and piece of historical fiction. It has been re-edited and new material added.

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of The Paranormal Romance Team

Cassie O’Malley has made her usual visit to her friends, Duncan and Catherine, only this visit is more than she expected. First Catherine goes into labor and Cassie is there to help deliver the baby. Second, another friend of Duncan and Catherine’s is visiting, Sam Colter, an ex-Texas Ranger. In spite of everything going on, there seems to be an instant attraction between Sam and Cassie. Both are widowed, Cassie’s husband died and Sam’s wife and two daughters were murdered.

Ten years prior to this visit Sam’s wife and daughters were kidnapped by Frank and Harry Bordon; unfortunately the kidnapping led to the deaths of Sam’s family. Sam caught Frank Bordon and watched him hang, but his brother Harry is still out there, searching for Sam who he blames for his brother’s execution. Harry wants him dead. Sam has given up looking for Harry and decides to settle down in Creede, Colorado near his friend, Duncan. He knows that if Harry finds him he will be able to count on Duncan to have his back.

Cassie runs a horse ranch and has two children.  She has a great deal of responsibilities and asks Sam to be her foreman. Since he has no other plans and likes the idea of being around Cassie and her two children, he accepts.

It is great reading about the old West and seeing how a horse ranch is run.   Cassie has beautiful stallions she is training to race in Kentucky.  Her Mustangs are being trained for the army. There is a lot of work, but Cassie takes it all in stride.  She is a very strong woman in more ways than one. With two children and a ranch, is there time in her life for a man?

But Harry is out there, getting close. This is the old West where anything can happen.  Are Cassie and the children in danger? Cassie and Sam deserve to find love, can they find it with each other?

I am not a fan of Westerns but this series is not just about cowboys and Indians it is about love and family. I also loved the way the author brought you up to date on Duncan and Catherine who we first met in book one of the Tame series. Each of her books so far have had wonderful secondary characters that you hope to meet again in future books.  Some of the cutest scenes in the book involve Cassie’s daughter, two year old Sarah.  She is a non-stop talker and some of her remarks are priceless.