A Taste of Love
Taste of Love Stories Book 1
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 7, 2010

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When I was asked to read and review this novel, I was told to have tissues handy and I am happy that I did.  This is a story full of all types of emotions: happiness, sadness and love.

Darryl Hansen is the owner and chef of Cafe Belgie in Pennsylvania. The day he hires down on his luck twenty-one year old Billy Weaver is the day that his life is forever changed. Darryl finds himself unable to think about anything but Billy. As much as he tries to keep his attraction under control, he is fighting a losing battle.  Darryl can’t get around the age difference, and it has been ten years since he has allowed himself to have any kind of meaningful relationship.  What happened to Darryl ten years ago?  Why is the difference in age so important to him?

One day when Darryl sees Billy leaving the restaurant with a to-go box he is convinced that Billy is stealing and now has the excuse he needs to fire him and get him out of his life.  When Darryl goes to Billy’s apartment what he finds leaves him devastated.  Billy is caring for his five year old twin brothers, Donnie and Davey.  The boys are starving and the food that Billy took was left overs from people’s plates.  Darryl is determined to make things right. He takes the boys to the restaurant where he feeds them and admits to Billy how he feels about him.  Fortunately for him, Billy feels the same way.

Billy’s parents are dead; he has been caring for the twins almost since their birth.  Billy is an amazing character and the twins are absolutely beyond loveable.  The author has a way of writing about the boys that brings tears to your eyes, hence the tissues.  When they call Billy Biwwy and Darryl Uncle Dawwyl, you just feel that you want to hug them.  When Billy finds out that the cheap apartment he is living in is being renovated, and that everyone must leave he finds himself having to move again and uproot the boys.  They finally have food and people who care for them so moving would be even more painful than before.

When Darryl invites Billy and the boys to live with him, it is the beginning of a new life for them all.  Darryl has secrets he lives with, and Billy fears that Darryl loves him and the boys out of pity.  What are Darryl’s secrets?  Has Billy finally found love and security or is this a too good to be true scenario? This is such a heartwarming story filled with amazing characters so I totally recommend it, and don’t forget the tissues.