Tea with Monsters Book Cover Tea with Monsters
Misfits & Rogues Series Book 1
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Romance
March 20, 2019

Greenlawn Hall is hiding something… But will uncovering the story of a lifetime cost this journalist her life?

Journalist Ashley Ryan has reached celebrity status with her hit television show Tea with Monsters, and while she’s proud of her accomplishments, she’s craving a new challenge. A chance encounter with a woman that bears a striking resemblance to a movie star the world believes dead piques her curiosity and reinvigorates her drive. The hunt for the perfect story… This was why she became a journalist. Following the woman home, however, may prove the biggest mistake of her life.
Greenlawn Hall is steeped in mystery, protected by a guardian sworn to keep the estate safe from outsiders. A Lazar Panther has managed to contain the secrets of the supernaturals living within these walls for over two hundred years and Adrian Lazar will be damned if they’re exposed on his watch. It doesn’t matter that Ashley Ryan calls to his panther with her quick wit and determination, there is too much at stake for him to be distracted by this unfortunate attraction. After all, the monsters inside Greenlawn aren’t the only creatures watching…

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ashley Ryan has a hit TV show called Tea with Monsters where she interviews hardened criminals in prison but with the success of her show she is suddenly hungry for something else and just has to get her producer to agree. While at a restaurant she sees a woman she is sure is Vivian Page an actress who has been presumed dead for over fifty years and even though that is impossible her journalistic curiosity is in full force.

Following Vivian Page’s look alike she tries for an interview but when she rings the bell at the gate she is told in no uncertain terms that she is not welcome at Greenlawn Hall and she will not get to meet the so called lady of the house. Adrian Lazar is a panther shifter who as he watched Ashley drive away was very attracted to her but he is the Guardian of Greenlawn Hall just as all his relatives before him and it is his job to protect the three women in his care.

Ashley is both stubborn and intrigued and she once again waits to follow Vivian the next time she leaves the house. Luckily she manages to get into the private room she is in a get an invitation to dinner she is also invited to Greenlawn Hall for dinner and a one on one interview which Ashley jumps at. Unfortunately the evening does not go as planned when Vivian gets into a confrontation with a new arrival who suddenly turns into a wolf followed by Adrian turning into a panther and Vivian showing her fangs. The new arrival is Jules Kincaid an immortal wolf who is not taking to immortality well and is slowly going crazy.

Ashley realizes that her TV show has now become her reality because before she knows it she is actually having “tea with monsters”, real honest to goodness monsters and all she can think about is escaping and writing her story. As the Guardian, Adrian knows that he cannot let Ashley leave and reveal what she saw and he asks Margot who is a witch to come up with a way to make her forget what everything, unfortunately it will take a day or two and Adrian invites Ashley to stay over and interview everyone which will take some time.

Margot, Vivian and Emma who is a seer are the three woman Adrian looks after but Vivian has put him in a tenuous situation where he has to protect them, their secret and Ashley because if word gets out about her then the real monster will show up and his name is Thane Stroud, but this is not his story.

Ashley and Adrian can’t keep their hands off one another which is unfortunate because she is the one and she has to have her memory of him wiped out. What happens between Ashley and Adrian and whether they have a future is not my place to reveal what I will say is if you have ever read Malsum Pass by Ms. Forrest than you are familiar with her work and probably love it as much as I do so a new series with new characters is something you will want to enjoy for yourself, as I did. Now that I have been introduced to this new series and new characters my one complaint is I have to wait for book two.  I read the book in a few hours because unfortunately I have a husband who thought it was his right to have dinner, kidding.