Tendril Hearts Book Cover Tendril Hearts
Immortals Book 11
LJ Vickery
Paranormal Romance
Weir River Press
November 5, 2018

Dumuzi had been content for centuries, so why couldn’t things remain status quo? When all his buddies started finding their Chosen, their eternal mates, he couldn’t have been happier while determined to maintain his normal, low profile. But then the edict had come. They all had to find their other halves. Which was totally messed up. No way could he subject a woman to who he was, who he became. It would be a death sentence…for both of them. <br>Veronica Foxey hadn’t been haunted by the voices since she moved from Boston, but now an emergency call from her daughter had her rushing back to the city which held only pain. Would the voices return after ten years? And if they did, would she be able to hang on to her sanity?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Dumuzi (Muze) is the god of vegetation and swamps and has never had a desire to mate but there are only four months left until all the gods would return to Hell if they didn’t find their Chosen. A walk in the woods changed Muze’s life because he suddenly found himself visible meaning his Chosen was nearby. Unhappy about having found her things become even worse when he discovers it is a seventeen year old girl in the woods smoking pot and drinking.

Sienna Dixinson and her best friend Riley found themselves arrested leaving Muze with the job of getting them out. In spite of his lack of feelings for his Chosen, something he was assured would be in full bloom once he met her and knowing that he has a monster living inside of him he is willing to go through with the mating ceremony in order to save the other gods. He also needs to get Sienna’s parent’s permission since she is underage.

Veronica (Verrie) Foxey, Sienna’s mom arrives at the compound and it is immediately clear that Sienna is not Muze’s Chosen by Verrie is. She also feels the instant attraction that he feels and now he has to get his emotions in check because he can’t allow her to be with him once the ceremony is over, his other half is a monster and dangerous and it is something he has no control over like the other gods when they change into their other half.

When the gods discover that Verrie and Sienna have been hearing voices in their head and that those voices occur at the same time as Muze’s monster comes out they have to do some research as to what it all means. The voices are definitely coming from demons and the gods will do anything they can to make the voices stop and discover where the demons are and stop them for good.

It doesn’t take long to discover that they have a new enemy and it is is cat shifter named Ridhwan whose been working for centuries to fulfill a prophecy that would make him the ruler over earth, heaven and hell. Beletseri and Matthew are both prisoners, the gods have him and Ridhwan has Beletseri and in this book we get an entire new look at the two of them and what pushed them to go after the gods.

Sienna and Riley are not your typical girls since they take everything in stride, warlocks, demons and gods and they are quite taken by the hunky gods that are all around them. Muze and Verrie are getting acquainted and he realizes that leaving her after the ceremony is not going to work, feelings between a god and his Chosen are no joke. What Muze does realize is that Verrie is no pushover she is very dominant when it comes to sex and as a god so is he but this relationship is bound to be very hot, hot, hot with them each wanting total control.

Another wonderful addition to the Immortals series and if you have read the previous books then you are just as hooked as I am, if you haven’t read them then start with book one you won’t be sorry.

The Immortals are facing a new enemy who always seems to be one step ahead of them and at the same time each of them must find their Chosen before they are all returned to hell for eternity. I hope that Ms. Vickery is busy writing book number 12 because I can’t wait to find out which immortal will find their Chosen and what danger they will face from Ridhwan.