The Booker Book Cover The Booker
MM Haunted House Horror
Grace Hudson
LGBT Horror Suspense
Independently Published
April 30, 2020

One underworld entanglement.
One haunted music venue.
One chance to make it out alive.

When Barry Matthews left his band to become the booker for Melbourne’s hottest music venue, he never expected to find a link to the past buried deep within the rubble from the renovations. And now the new spate of threatening phone calls are becoming as troubling as the disappearing visitors and the malevolent activity in the basement.

Trapped within the hotel with the alluring Simon, or Felicia, depending on his choice of outfit, they must join together to survive the threats from outside, as well as the dangers growing within the walls of the hotel.

But the longer the renovations go on, the stronger the dark forces become. Barry and Simon must uncover the secrets behind the hotel’s sinister history before it’s too late, or risk becoming the hotel’s latest victims.

Reviewed by Madison Davis 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Booker is a spooky story, producing goosebumps and shudders just at the right places. To me, it was just sufficiently scary that I could enjoy the characters as well as the plot without trembling in fear.The author painted a well-rounded picture with elements of horror, romance, friendship and development.


Barry Matthews turns his back on his past as a musician and walks into a new future as a booker. Shortly after his arrival he started to get threatening phone calls in his hotel. Trapped in the building he needs to untangle the web that holds the spook in his place. However, Barry is not alone. Simon and Felicia are there to help and support him. And of course, Clarence, the cat. 


Barry is a personality to fall in love with. Good and strong at heart, he has his weaknesses and flaws, and still, his masters them admirably. And he is a cat lover. All this makes him my favorite character.


I enjoyed the read enormously. Grace Hudson’s characters are well defined, from their strengths to their weaknesses. They are people like ‘you and me’ and I love how Grace Hudson built the fantastic story around them and made them a part of the well told story. 


Even though in a somewhat magical and spooky environment, I still felt like I was a silent watcher, witnessing the events and the slowly blossoming romance.

The author takes her readers into a well-prepared scary environment without scaring the living daylight out of them. She’s a gifted storyteller and I, for my part, am sure going to read more of her. Well done.