The Cowboy's Twin Surprise Book Cover The Cowboy's Twin Surprise
Boots & Babies
K. T. Byington
Contemporary, Cowboy, Romance
The Wild Rose Press
October 14, 2019

When a little surprise changes her life, Jessie McKinnon has less than nine months to figure it out. A job at Chase Tanner's ranch seems like a good short-term fix until she can get herself settled elsewhere, hopefully before she even begins to show.

Left to care for his abandoned twin baby nieces, Chase can't believe his luck when Jessie offers hope of reining in the chaos his life has become. There's only one problem—the feisty redhead from his past has the potential to break his heart all over again.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Chase Tanner is a rancher who has his hands full with work and his twin nieces, Daisy Jane and Poppy Jo, children his sister Charlotte decided she wanted no part of. Although taking care of two girls not even one year old is difficult, especially for a bachelor, he is determined to take care of them and give them all the love they need and deserve. He knows that he needs help and so he goes to the employment agency looking for a sitter or a live in nanny and comes face to face with his childhood crush Jessie McKinnon.

Jessie left Montana to become a lawyer but she has returned home, no home to live in, no job and pregnant. When she sees Chase she immediately helps him with the girls until he can go do some shopping and when he asks her to become his nanny she welcomes a place to live, a salary, being with two beautiful little girls and time to get her life in order. Jessie came from a large family and was the one responsible for helping raise her siblings so being around children is not a burden to her but a joy.

Both Chase and Jessie dance around the fact that in their past he asked her out and she refused then just left town. He discovers why she wouldn’t date him and she discovers the reason he never pursued her after her first rejection of him. Secrets have a way of destroying lives as well as family especially family who think they have a right to interfere in someone’s life.

A beautiful story of two people who have feelings for each other but let the past get in the way. Two adorable little girls and all the trouble that goes along with raising babies. A housekeeper, Birdie, who I immediately fell in love with and who doesn’t hesitate in letting Chase and Jessie know what she thinks. This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it, it is just a sweet romance and manages to hold your attention without sex, violence or suspense.