The Experiment Book Cover The Experiment
Rebecca Raine
MM Romance
Independently Published
August 17, 2020

When a single kiss calls your sexuality into question, there’s only one sure path to a reliable answer: further research.

I like to think I know myself outside and in. As a developmental psychologist, I’ve spent years exploring the true foundations of my identity. So, when losing a bet means kissing my best friend, Logan, I already know I’m going to hate every second of it. All the relevant questions regarding my sexuality were asked and answered years ago. The results were conclusive: despite the odd same-sex attraction, I dislike being touched by men.

That is, it seems, until Logan is the man doing the touching. The intense desire aroused by his kiss contradicts all my expectations and I have no idea how to integrate the new information. Thankfully, I do know exactly how to uncover the truth about myself—once and for all.

I’ve put a lot of effort into keeping Patrick out of my fantasies and in the friend-zone. Our recent liplock may have unleashed my feelings for him temporarily, but I’ll get them back on their platonic track in no time. Falling for a friend, especially a sexually ambivalent friend, is a one-way ticket to heartache.

But, when the unforeseen impact of our kiss inspires Patrick to conduct an experiment into the extent of his bisexuality, I can’t resist volunteering to help. If any man is going to join Patrick on his journey of self-discovery, it’s sure as hell going to be me.

The Experiment is a high-heat, low angst, full-length contemporary MM Romance from Australian author Rebecca Raine. It features friends to lovers, gay for you, and first time gay themes. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger and a HEA ending that is sure to make you swoon.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Patrick Seymour and Logan Delaney are friends, but a bet would change everything. Losing a pool game
to Logan, Patrick has to kiss a man. Since he was a teenager he has always gotten excited when he saw
men together but convinced himself that seeing it and doing it were to different things. They are at a gay
bar and one man is too skinny, one is too hairy and one is bald so Logan decides to let Patrick off the
hook. Patrick is not willing to forgo the bet, he lost fair and square but the only man he can consider
kissing is Logan.
Logan has always had a much stronger feeling than friendship when it came to Patrick but isn’t willing to
lose his friend by admitting it to him. When they kiss, and it isn’t finished until there is tongue involved,
Patrick finds himself going at it gung ho and even wants to continue the kiss. He is shocked that his first
reaction wasn’t to run to the bathroom to throw up but now he needs to suggest an experiment to see if
he truly is bisexual. He sets up ground rules and Logan is more than happy to be a part of the
Of course to truly know if he is bisexual he has to go further than just kissing to see if he gets to the point
where he is totally turned off, he doesn’t. The experiment proceeds for quite a while and there doesn’t
seem to be anything Patrick isn’t willing to try much to Logan’s delight.
Patrick is a developmental psychologist going for his PhD and he is a firm believer in knowing yourself
inside and out and although he was convinced he was totally heterosexual he realizes that there is
something he needs to find out more about.
The experiment goes on for months leaving Logan worried about the time when Patrick will decide the
experiment is over and so is their being together. Logan tried to convince himself that no matter what
happened he and Patrick could always go back to being friends but he was so wrong. There is no way
he can go back to the way things were because he has always wanted Patrick and this experiment just
made his feelings stronger.
It was interesting to watch Patrick take apart every action, examining what each action meant but after a
while to started to become a little too much. My problem with the book was with how long it took for this
experiment to come to a conclusion a conclusion that would have been much better served if it ended a
little earlier. I enjoyed the characters both the main ones and the secondary ones but it shouldn’t take
forever for a man to discover what he really is.
I have read many gay romance books and watching what became a tutorial in whether a man was bi or not was
just a little over the top to me.