The Liar Among Creatures Book Cover The Liar Among Creatures
Howl for the Damned: Book Two
D. Fischer
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Divinus Kingdom Publishing
May 16, 2020

Her doubt is measured by their lies.

From bestselling and award-winning author D. Fischer, arrives the highly anticipated Howl for the Damned, a series for fans of Mercy Thompson, Bitten, and Alpha and Omega.

Balancing loyalties and desires isn’t easy, but Jinx Whitethorn is determined to try. She finally understands what she is and the secrets that bind her fate, but she still has questions. Jinx turns to the only living relative she has left on her father’s side. It goes against every tribe fable Kaya Whitethorn had been told as a child, but she agrees to help her skinwalker niece.

Possessing both a combination of shaman and witch magic, Jinx needs to learn how to control her unusual magic to defend the people she loves, and her father’s pendant. A pendant that harnesses the wolf souls of the cursed Bane Pack shifters.

Meanwhile, Jacob looks into a mole inside the pack. Someone’s feeding the Bane information, and he’s determined to find the traitor among them. He’ll protect the woman he loves, no matter the cost.

The Liar Among Creatures in the second book in Howl for the Damned, a series based in the world of D. Fischer’s Divinus Kingdom. Divinus Kingdom is interconnecting novels that branch one series to the next.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

This is the second book in a series that must be read in order so if you haven’t started this series I would begin with book one, Trouble with Beasts.


Jinx Whitethorn is living with the Riva Pack and still trying to adjust to everything she has learned about herself. Jacob the pack leader and her lover have decided that they need the help of Jinx’ aunt, her only living relative and her father’s sister. They are hoping that she can help them read the book her father left filled with symbols none of them are able to decipher. There is also the question of the pendant her father left her, a pendant holding the spirits of the Bane Pack’s wolves leaving them unable to shift.


The Bane are after Jinx and want the curse her father put on them reversed but the question remains, if her father cursed them there was a very good reason and giving them power to once again shift would be deadly to many. Jinx is living with shifters and yet is afraid of them because of nearly dying at the Bane’s hands. They will not stop pursuing her until the curse is lifted.


Jacob wants Jinx but refuses to mate with her, locking her into being with him for life. He wants the decision to be hers and even though she makes no secret of her feelings for him he is still hesitant to take away her chance of leaving him if she wants that. 


Jinx knows that as a skinwalker she has the ability to save those she loves but since the last time she shifted she has been unable to change back into her white wolf. Hopefully her aunt Kaya will have the answer. At first distrustful of her aunt she slowly begins to care for her hoping that she can finally have the family she has so long hoped for. Other than the pack and her best friend Sara she has had no blood relative.


Wice the alpha of the Banes is aware of where Jinx is and he knows all about her and Jacob so that means there is a mole. Jacob is finding it hard to believe that one of his pack would betray him but it is a possibility. First Jacob is determined to remove any fear Jinx has about his wolf and sets up a romantic meeting where he releases his wolf to show her that he is no danger. It was all she needed to realize that she never has to fear Jacob or his other half.


There is a cliffhanger but not a problem since the last book in the series is out and I am about to finish this review and start it. A wonderful series with wonderful characters filled with romance, suspense and betrayal. So many questions that still need to be answered and Jinx is determined to get to the bottom of it and finally remove any danger to her and the pack.