The Magician's Blood Book Cover The Magician's Blood
The Great Dagmaru Book 2
Linda G. Hill
Paranormal Romance
LG Hill
August 10, 2018

Herman Anderson is in love. Thrilled to travel across Canada with her boyfriend as his assistant onstage, she returns to her hometown—the first stop on the Great Dagmaru magic tour. Anticipating a reunion with her brother, instead she finds her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar’s career as a stage magician is taking off. With Herman by his side, his only concern is her father's dislike for him. But as Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them, Stephen’s family curse returns to haunt him.

Darkness descends as the reality of the Dagmar’s incubus bloodline surfaces for the first time in over a generation. Can Herman and Stephen’s relationship survive this new trial? Will Herman survive at all?

A sinful tale of beauty and romance, love and determination, The Magician’s Blood will chill you and leave you breathless for more.

*18+ Contains explicit scenes.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Stephen Dagmar is travelling through Canada with Herman his assistant. Herman is excited because one of the stops is her hometown and she can’t wait to see her brother Chad only when she arrived it is to learn that the home has been sold.

She is forced to call her father who hates Stephen to get the information she needs on her mother and brother’s whereabouts. Her mom is in a nursing home and her brother is living with an aunt so she is able to visit them both. Her father George and Stephen hate each other and her father wants Herman to leave him. She finally discovered what her father did for a living which was to dress as a woman and act as the assistant to another magician even though he had more magic in him than the man he worked for.

George has the ability to read minds and see into the person’s future and he is convinced that Herman’s life is in danger if she stays with Stephen. Nina Curry is pregnant with Stephen’s child but she wants him and wants Herman gone. In spite of what George says Herman has no intention of leaving the man she loves and Stephen is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the woman he loves.

It is finally discovered about the curse that has plagued Stephen’s family and the Curry family for generations, he has demon blood in him and it is an incubus answering the question why woman all throw themselves at him. Herman has a lot to accept living with Stephen, his numerous affairs with just about every woman she meets, his actual gift of real magic including being able to levitate and move from one place to another, but the one thing that bothers her is that Nina is going to be the one to bear Stephen’s first child, a daughter.

Herman like her father has inherited the gift of seeing into someone’s future and she can’t get over the fact that Stephen will betray her with his agent and best friend and past lover, Margaret. When Stephen’s demon presents itself what Herman saw comes to pass but it is not mere sex it is an invasion, a violent invasion. For the first time Herman has seen the demon first hand has she finally had enough?

This is not an easy review to write because there is so much going on that I could easily give away something I shouldn’t so I am trying to be very careful. There is sex, violence,true love and an interfering father determined to break up Herman and Stephen. There are so many secrets and surprises not only about Stephen but about Herman’s family and particularly her father but there is no cliffhanger.

I know that this was supposed to be the second and last book in the series but I am hoping for more I don’t think Herman and Stephen’s story is over yet, but then I am not the author just a reader who loves this series.