The Pinkerton Man Series Book Cover The Pinkerton Man Series
Books 1 & 2
C.J. Baty
M/M Historical Mystery
May 28, 2017

This is a RE-RELEASE (2nd edition) of this book.

Stiles Langberry leaves England under the dark cloud of blackmail.
He resettles in America with a new name, becoming a Pinkerton Agent.
His new employer sends him undercover to a brothel that serves homosexual men, where prostitutes are being murdered. In the course of his investigation, he becomes involved with Paul, one of the prostitutes. Complicating matters, one of the suspects draws Stiles like no man before him. Stiles knows he must stop the killer before he strikes again.

Pinkerton Agent Stiles Long is sent to the Circle W Ranch to uncover who is killing the ranch’s cattle. In order to discover the truth about the goings on at the ranch, Stiles has to prove to the ranchers he’s more than a good-looking city slicker.
Savage Beare, the head ranch foreman, is far from happy that Stiles is there to check things out. He has secrets of his own.
Stiles finds Savage incredibly good-looking, but cold and aloof.
He’s also a suspect. One of many.
When Stiles’ best friend and partner, Lizzie Ferguson, is kidnapped things begin to shake apart.
Stiles doesn't trust anyone and he needs to find Lizzie before time runs out.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Book one began as part of an anthology and then was published as a stand alone now the first two books are together.

Pinkerton Man #1

Stiles Langberry had it all handsome, money, a constable at Scotland Yard and a male lover until it all came crashing down with a blackmail letter. Stiles’ lover willingly paid the blackmailer something Stiles refused to do and when the blackmail became too much to handle his lover took his own life. Stiles still refused to pay the blackmailer so a letter was sent to his boss. Being gay in the eighteen hundreds, especially in England  was not accepted and led to all manner of penalties but his boss gave him a choice, leave England, change his name and resign his position all of which Stiles readily agreed to.

On his way to America he met Lizzie Ferguson and she became his best friend. She introduced him to the idea of joining the Pinkerton Agency and when he landed it was the first thing he did. His first assignment was to find out who was killing male prostitutes at the Velvet Rope a brothel. It wasn’t a difficult assigment since he met a man who became his lover and while searching for a killer he also found time for fun.

There are three suspects and when the killings stopped it was believed that everything was fine, unfortunately things were far from fine. Whether or not the killer is located and who the killer is will not be revealed in this review. I will say that Lizzie and Stiles reunite. There is explicit M/M sex and a mystery to solve.  I am now ready for the second story so I will sign off for now.

Home On the Range #2

Stiles is heading to Wyoming and the Circle W Ranch to investiate the poisoning of cattle. He is presenting himself as an agent for a man interested in buying the ranch and Lizzie is working on the inside. It is Savage Beare that interests Stiles the most but in more ways than one.

The deaths of the cattle have the ranch on the brink of bankruptcy and Stiles has to find out who is behind the trouble at the ranch while trying to keep his lustful thoughts about Savage at bay. Although he has a few suspects that isn’t enough, he needs proof so that the guilty can be brought to justice.

Savage is the foreman of the ranch and is quite secretive but willingly turns over all the ledgers showing expenses and profits from the ranch. Things do take a turn for the worse when Savage is shot the cattle stampede and Lizzie is kidnapped. Do not expect me to reveal what happens or who is guilty and why they want to destroy the ranch I have to leave something for you to find out for yourself.

Loved book one and two and hooray I now have book three and can’t wait to dig in and find out what Stiles’ new assignment is and where it will be. If you love reading about the old West don’t miss this series.