The Red Thirst Book Cover The Red Thirst
The Devil's in the Details
Contemporary Romance, Demons
Pride Publishing
March 10, 2020

Beauty may be skin deep, but sometimes staying young and beautiful is pure hell.

They say there's no rest for the wicked, but Garen and Luke are eagerly anticipating a brief vacation on the South Island, doing nothing more taxing than tramping, skiing and snowboarding.

However, when Garen meets up with an old friend—a ranger in the nearby national park—he not only finds that several trampers have gone missing there but also that his friend has a new boyfriend, Harper.

Although on vacation, they visit the one tramper who was found alive. Luke detects an aura of evil that is still preying on the man. While he performs a ritual cleansing to free the man of the demonic power's lingering touch, Garen goes into the forest.

When he's attacked by an unseen entity, Garen manages to escape. He returns with Luke to locate a body so that they can identify what is lurking in the forest's depths.

Although Garen suspects that his friend's new boyfriend is possessed by the demon they seek, Luke is less convinced. When the Dearg Due strikes, she aims for Garen's heart, and Luke and Garen must battle to defeat the undying Red Thirst.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Although I did not read the first book in this series the author did a great job of bringing me up to date. Garen, a guardian and protector and his husband Luke, a shaman and healer have finally left for vacation, a vacation they both need due to the serious and dangerous jobs they both perform.

Both Garen and Luke decided on South Island where Garen could visit his longtime friend Tane. Finally, time for themselves, time to enjoy each other and time to just forget about evil and concentrate on good. Well, once again, the adage: best plans of mice and men, comes true and a long-awaited vacation will be anything but. Garen’s friend Tane is a forest ranger and trampers are disappearing (I realize that trampers are hikers) leaving Garen and Luke to suspect there is a demon causing this.

When Garen meets Tane’s new boyfriend he is very suspicious of him because in his entire life Tane has never wanted anything but a no strings attached relationship and now he is madly in love with a younger man who has been bullied and abused. Garen doesn’t trust this new boyfriend and wonders if he is the demon they are looking for, but Luke disagrees. You will have to discover the truth about this young man yourself.

Sex, murder, and a demon—this book had it all.