The Sex Coach Book Cover The Sex Coach
Garrett Leigh
LGBT, Bi-sexual, Gay Romance
Fox Love Press
October 8, 2020

The teacher and the student. The stable hand and the single dad. First times and friendship turn to love.

There’s nothing attractive about a twenty-four year old virgin, especially not one who blushes every time a hot dude looks his way. But I can’t help the heat that ripples through me every time I see Cole Maguire. And the clench of my heart when I realise how unhappy he is. He’s a city boy with a baby on his hip—we have nothing in common—but if he can teach me how to own my sexuality, perhaps I can teach him he’s worth loving.

I don’t like horses. But I love my daughter, and there’s nothing I won’t do for her, including leaving the city for life on a farm. I’m ready for that, but I’m not ready for blushing stable hands who make my heart race and my blood run hot. Toby has no idea how beautiful he is. I can teach him that, if he can handle the heat, but after one night with him…damn.

Maybe it’s me that has a lot to learn.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz 

Senior Reviewer & Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Little did I know by accepting this book to review from a new author to me, I would be signing up for a lifetime of good reading!!!!  Garrett Leigh is a new to me author and as I read the blurb it says it’s a standalone. While it is per say , as I got into the story of the surrounding characters, I realized there must be more.

So let’s start with The Sex Coach. Immediately we meet Cole Maguire, a city boy, driving to a new job at the Whisper Farm  Ranch.  He is an unexpected new father of a daughter Ella, and has been granted joint visitation. Knowing Harry who is at the ranch, he has been offered lodgings and a job as the new Pilates Coach. Cole decided with the baby getting out of the city would be a good idea.

Toby has worked at the Farm for 10 years, now at 24 he is the horse whisperer, the painter, the electrician the jack of all trades. The owner and his mentor tasks him to get one of the empty cabins ready for the new teacher…..

The two meet and the sweetness begins. Toby’s story is for you to discover along with Cole. You watch as the actual title is thrown out of Cole’s mouth to be funny. Or maybe not… offering Toby a way to find his sexuality. 

The story is sweet, sexy and filled with two young men trying to become better. They need to be accepted as who they are is meaningful to the story. The other surrounding people, you realize, must have their own stories and I quickly hunted up Amazon to buy the entire set.