The Wilderness Book Cover The Wilderness
Lavender Shores, Book 8
Rosalind Abel
LGBT, Gay Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
September 12, 2018

Will Epstein had it all—playboy good looks, wealth and prestige, and a gorgeous fiancé to costar with him on a reality television show. But that was years ago, before he was abandoned at the altar on national television. In the aftermath, Will’s world crumbled, leaving him humiliated and lost.

Andre Rivera married his first love and lived a dream life until tragedy stepped in. His wife’s sudden death left him devastated and struggling to build a life for his young daughter. Being a pilot offers Andre a sense of freedom from Lavender Shores, but he feels trapped and unable to move forward.

A shared sense of loss fosters a surprising friendship between Will and Andre, giving them both the salvation they need. But when feelings cross the lines of friendship and secrets are revealed, Will and Andre have to confront their own fears.
Amid the gold of a Lavender Shores autumn, Will and Andre must grasp their chance at love… before it slips away.

(Contains Lavender Shores maps and family trees.)

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer of the Paranormal Romance Guild

Oh, how special… I am away for Labor Day Weekend and I have book 8 Lavender Shores with me on a 4 ½ hour plane ride. I am in heaven because I am enchanted that maybe Will Epstein will have an HEA. Man, was he ever shamed s Harrison left him at the alter… a bloody sex video with Adrian in the Greenhouse and it had to be more shame.

Roalind Abel has chosen a back drop of Lavender Shores to host this series. The Shores host a LQBTQ town of founding families and we certainly are trying to keep them straight. The Epsteins, Kellys, Riveras, bah blah blah….

Will Epstein and Harrison were due to marry on TV like one of those Bachelor in Paradise shows and Harrison got cold feet and ran from the alter leaving handsome Will Epstein in a load of shame…. wedding was televised…. next was Harrison and Adrian Rivera being filmed getting busy in an uploaded hot sex video. How to live that down?

Finally the group formed the three amigos. The Bartender…. Harrison and Andre Rivera (Adrian’s twin). When I read who the mc were I was so happy to see Will, but Andre had as much if not more baggage. Andre was married to Meghan and had a beautiful daughter…. Losing Meghan in an instant to a brain aneurism.

Rosalind let the speed take its own time. Friendship first, then trust…. The unexpected trip to Alaska to Will’s brother Nick (need to see more of Nick). The relationship was hard. Will leaving the Shores, returning for funeral. This was meant to be.

I loved this story…. Every word… all 300 pages.

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