The Third Throne: Angel of Death Book Cover The Third Throne: Angel of Death
The Third Throne Book 2
Tabitha Barret
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
July 31, 2015

Review by Jennifer Kost

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The book opens to Angali finally knowing who she is and her purpose – find and claim her angels, the Predznak.  After searching through Hell and finding hidden information about her Predznak, she decides to search for Alazar, the Angel of Death.  The problem becomes a “where in the world” situation to have any clue where to look for him.  Anjali finally figures a way to start tracking Alazar and quickly finds her angel.

Unknown to Anjali, Alazar has been waiting thousands of years for the return of his Master.  He is done waiting!  His anger reaches a peak, and he has gone so far as to claim first right to kill her for her abandonment of her angels and the horrific treatment they received in Hell awaiting her.

As Anjali finds Alazar’s hiding place in the Mortal Realm, a group of humans (the Spirit Experts) have been lured to the same location by another force, searching for proof of the supernatural.  Anjali fears for the safety of the humans, and strangely, has an immediate connection with one of them.  The Spirit Experts cannot be deterred from their mission, so Anjali joins their expedition to try and protect them from her angel’s wrath.

It quickly becomes uncertain if Anjali will be able to save anyone – her angel, the humans, even herself.

I enjoyed this second book more than the first book, because I understood the characters and what was going on so much clearer from the beginning.  Anjali has grown into a much more complex character with different facets of her personality shining out of the pages.  Comparatively, Lucifer and Hades have also grown, and I find myself more compassionate of them and their struggles.

The writing is richly detailed and flows fast and free.  I read the entire book in less than 36 hours, so well done!  I am even more excited for the third book in the series.

Technical note:  I read for pleasure not proofing, so this is a general perusal:  I counted approximately 6-7 misspelled words, 2 incorrect verb tenses, and 1 incorrect personal pronoun.

 ** Winner: 1st Place Best Urban Fantasy Novel – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards **