The Third Throne: Angel of Fear Book Cover The Third Throne: Angel of Fear
Slow Burn RH series #4
Tabitha Barret
April 25, 2017

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the fourth book in a series.  If you are starting with this novel, I would stop, go by the first three, and then come back to this one.  Not only will you be all caught up with the drama and the action, but you will also get to read the first three books.  Win Win!!!

Tabitha Barret can really write.  She has created a world where every pantheon of Gods and Goddesses are interacting not only with each other, but with mortals on earth as well.  This story follows Anaji as she looks for her Angel of Fear, or Tristan.  Unfortunately for her, Tristan, along with her other angels, really want her dead.  At the same time, the  prisoners of hell are staging a breakout.  To add to the drama and the rollercoaster ride, Anaji finds another soulmate in Liam.

He is a well developed character and the fireworks between Liam and Anaji are amazing.  The author somehow manages to keep up with all the characters from the previous novels with timely updates, without overshadowing the newer storylines.  This is a very action packed story, with an ending that leaves you gasping.  Cannot say more without giving away too much.   Just go buy this series.  And then you will be like the rest of us waiting on the next one!